Calvin College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's very closely knit and community oriented. We're also known for cultural discernment which means opening up to discerning aspects of our culture with our christian beliefs. We have many secular concerts and show movies to challenge students to think and decide where they stand on different values.


My school is best known for providing a well-rounded Liberal Arts education in a Christian environmet. It is a small school but is academically challenging.


Calvin College is best known for its long history and roots in the Christian Reformed Church. Some have seen this as a negative and some as a positive attribute. I can contend that religion does not get in the way of quality education, far from it. This is an academically rigorous college with a high standard of excellence inside and outside of the classroom.


Probably its academics. Calvin has a great liberal arts program with excellent professors in every subject and some amazing classes. Plus Calvin grads have gone all over the world to do amazing things and the college has a good reputation for turning out well-educated hard-workers.


Strong academics, especially the Science, Engineering, and Education programs


My school is best known for being quite liberal in spite of being a Christian college.


"intentional christian community" hope v. calvin (mainly basketball, but in everything else too)


Calvin is best known for Engineering and maybe Nursing.


Calvin is best known for its difficult academic programs and for having mostly Dutch students. It is known as a tough school that produces intelligent, well-rounded, honest individuals. The majority of the student body is Dutch, private schooled before attending Calvin, and Christian Reformed. Because of the Christian empasis in the classrooms, Calvin is known to produce many caring and thoughtful graduates who often go into careers that help their communities.


Calvin has a great atmosphere. While its a strong Christian school, we as students are encouraged to ask questions, think outside of the box, and to look for answers beyond what 'religion' tells us. We have very strong nursing and engineering programs, but I think all of the programs here are strong. it is a liberal arts school so all the students get a taste of just about every discipline .


Calvin Hope rivalry & CRC


It is best known for its integration with Christianity and Academics.


Our school is known for its rigorous academia and community learning.


The academic quality; and a very strenuous workload.


Great professors and small classes. They really care about you!


I have heard that Calvin is well-known for its engineering program. Calvin also has a high rate of placement for jobs upon graduation. Calvin has an excellent basketball team.


Not being ethnically diverse and not having a huge party scene.


Calvin is best known for offering a strong academic Christian education, offering one of the widest selections of majors among comparably sized colleges. It has a very high emphasis on the sciences for a Religion-affiliated school, offering four concentrations of engineering alone, and offering students the opportunity to work with high-quality Science equipment in lab courses, without any additional materials fee. The humanities offer a wide array of extra-curricular activities, like the Film Arts Festival and the on-campus foreign language houses, where students may choose to live in a total immersion environment for a whole year.