Calvin College Top Questions

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Compared to the other schools I considered, I felt that Calvin class sizes and professors were unique. Calvin's professors invest in their students and have a geniune interest in wanting to get to know each person specifically in his or her class. The class sizes reflect this yearning for in-class relationships by being small and located in an intimate setting that promotes growth, faith, & service.


Calvin College takes the time to address problems that are relevant through the students and community. Professors take time to make sure each students is on the right track and the upper-classmen are eager to answer any questions. When I pulled up to my dorm on move-in day, the president of the college met all of my family and helped carry my boxes all the way to the top floor. With all the upper-classmen helping out, I didn't have to carry anything up to my room. You'll never be treated like royalty at other colleges.


It's a Christian Reformed school, but there aren't rules about attending chapel, dress code, or curfew. I really appreciate that because you are surrouded by many devoted christians and the opportunity to become deeply rooted in your faith, but no one is pressuring you. So the people that attend chapel, bible studies, etc really actually want to be there. Also, there are always things to do on campus that are cheap and fun entertainment for the students.


Calvin is a Christian liberal arts college, which is very different from many of the other colleges that I considered. The other Christian school that I considered was Dordt College, and I would say that the main difference between the two is the culture. Dordt is a part of the Northwest Iowa community while Calvin has a lot more access to different groups and opportunities of the downtown Grand Rapids area. I really enjoy the city of Grand Rapids.


Calvin College is not only a place to get a good education. Calvin is a close-knit Christian community where the Christian faith is felt in every aspect of life. Other universities that were founded in religious backgrounds have shied away from the church because of pressures to conform to a secular society. At Calvin I have been able to freely explore my faith in a nurturing environment. The welcoming, unique, and prestigious learning environment has proved to be indispensable to my educational enrichment. I have no doubt that Calvin is a special kind of place to get an education.


Being a small Christian school, I really appreciate the community and relationships that are present between the professors and among the students. Calvin is a smaller school, so the class sizes are smaller so the professors are able to get to know their students on a deeper level and truly care about our success. The community between the students is also closer than in a large university where students can feel like they disappear.


Calvin College is a Christian college that places an emphasis on community. This sense of community creates a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that allows students to feel comfortable stepping out iof their comfort zone and meet new and intersting people. In my college search, this quality was unique to Calvin College.


It's the perect distance from home and a great size in terms of number of students. It also has a better program than most of the other schools i applied to.


Calvin is small, so class sizes are normally about 30 students, which means a lot more one on one time with the professor.


It is located in Michigan.


Huge emphasis on community


Our school has a Christian center without ridiculous constraints.


I think that Calvin is unique because it is a Calvinist Christian college but we are also a liberal college and students know that they don't have to be afraid to offer up their opinions. Even if thoe opinions differ from the ideals of the school. We are always encouraged to discuss, debate, listen, and in general be your self in a well constructed small but not too small environment that trully wants to see its students succeed and prosper in the larger world.


The most unique thing about Calvin is the relationships between faculty and students. With smaller class sizes for most non-core courses, students can build closer relationships with the professors in their major than is common in other colleges. The student senate furthers the opportunities to interact with professors by sponsoring the "Take a Prof to Lunch" program, in which every student, by filling out a short voucher, can have a buffet cafeteria meal with a professor of their choice up to twice a semester. This meal is free for both the professors and the students, even without a mealplan.