Calvin College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The attention that a single student recieves is fantastic. The student to teacher ratio is 23:1 and all the professors' offices are located near their departments' classrooms for availability. Being able to build relationships with one's professors creates an enviroment of students who have the willingness to learn and the want to thrive.


I love what I am learning and how I am learning it. The professors truely care about you, want you to learn, and get as many experiences as you can. From studying community health and development in India to hands-on microbiology lab tests on-campus, I have been able to engage lectures in meaningful ways so that learning is FUN!


The types of extracurricular activities I enjoyed and the commadarie with the professors


Teachers are concerned with my professional success


I love Calvin College and especially the people. Calvin College is a loving community where people care and take interest in other people's lives. The saying used at Calvin College's residence halls is, "open doors make happy floors." I think this says a lot because people leaving their doors opened makes the residence halls feel welcoming and safe. Calvin College is a safe and loving community, and that is why I love Calvin :)


Calvin College is a great private school, where all the professors know your name and you can make very close friendships.


We have a close, tight-knit community within the dorms that really seeks to create lasting friendships and enjoy the social aspects of college life while still maintaining an academic focus.


The small classes, environmental work, and definitely the brand new fieldhouse. It's amazing considering how small our campus is.


My school is well respected by employers and graduate schools. I love the friendly atmosphere and the beautiful campus. I also love gorgeous downtown Grand Rapids and all the fun things it has to offer. I like how environmentally aware my school is and how even though it lacks diversity, it attempts to introduce us to many other cultures. I like the wonderful people that I've met and the professors that have really opened my eyes to other ways of thinking. Integrating my faith into my everyday life is well taught by the professors.


Sense of community, opportunities to serve and get involved with the surrounding city, professors are amazing people! Students are really encouraged to think for themselves, to challenge their beliefs, to be open-minded, and to stand up and act on what they believe.


Not that much.


We have great CS, engineering, and nursing programs.


I'm not so much a bragger, but the thing I love the most about Calvin is the friends I've made there. That is what I most look forward to. I love living in the dorms, being two feet from my best friends, the whole everything that goes with dorm life. Academically I really love Calvin's language program, which is where my major is. Calvin is known for having a solid language curriculum and I have learned quite a lot. I also love that it is Christian. I feel I can grow in my faith alongside other people.