Calvin College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I wish I was told that there would be so many amazing activities to do and that I should invest in time management seriously.


To be honest, the only thing that could be wrong with Calvin College is the location. Because it is set in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it can get to be twenty below zero. Walking to classes, although a small campus, can get pretty chilly. Other than the weather, this school does education incredibly well.




Since there is such a high acceptance rate, there are many people who simply don't care about their academic performance. This might be expected at a community college or state school, but at a private Christian school with a reputation for being highly academic, I expected more. Maybe things change after the first year, but this is just what I've seen as a freshman.


The food could be better.


Honestly, there is nothing that I dislike about this school.


At Calvin College they want their students to strive for excellence and to exceed after college. It is ver accademically challenging and the profs expect a lot out of you.


I believe that the worst thing about Calvin College is the open house hours. Open house hours relate to the residence halls. Calvin College has seperate male and female dorm halls. This is not the bad thing, but what is annoying is the fact that everyone has only certain hours and days that one may go into the opposite sexes dorm. I think this should be changed. If one wants to hang out, watch a movie, or study with the opposite sex, they would only be able to within open house hours.


The worst thing abot my school is that it is very expensive.


Honestly, the only things I don't like are very trivial- not enough vegetarian variety in dining halls, and far away student parking.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the heavy amount of homework that is often given.


I consider the cost of my school to be the worst thing about it. I had a friend who attended last semester but was unable to afford the tuition for any longer than that. She loved the school and everything about the community, and she was incredibly dissapointed when she realized that she could not make it work. I think Calvin is such a great place that it should be made affordable for everyone who is accepted.


Our Orientation programs. Hands down. There are three Orientation things all freshman are required to participate in: Passport (a two-day summer evnt), Quest (4- day program before classes start in the fall), and Prelude (half-semester class). All three are packed full of unneccessary time-wasters and are almost as annoying as they are worthless. OK, maybe that was a little harsh. But you get the point. Not fun. But you survive, and every thing else here is way worth it.


It's very expensive!


I love my school so much, it's hard to think of anything negative. If I had to pick something, I think the worst thing about my school is the cost of tuition. Though it's definitely worth it, it would make things much easier for me and for my family if we didn't have to worry about finances so much.


No major complaints about the school in general, just certain teachers which is to be expected.


The open house hours. They should extend them.




The location and climate isn't great here. Michigan is a sad, rainy, depressing place, not to mention how bad the local economy is.




The weather, it is usually cold and rainy or snowing. The food isn't the best either.


the weather sucks and the cost of tuition is way too much.


Not enough engineering classes.


i don't want to think that hard right now.


There are alot of republicans


The food in the dining hall is not the best and there are not many food options.