Calvin College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are committed in your desire to learn and to engage with others, you will do well here. Calvin is academically challenging. But that should not limit your social, athletic, and aesthetic explorations. In fact, you can probablly combine all of those! Calvin is committed to pursuing meaningful relationships with God, other people, and our world. If you, too, desire that kind of impact; come to Calvin College.


People should attend this school who want to have a good hard education as well as develop or learn about Christianity.


Someone who should attend this school is someone who is dedicated to their education and excited to become a positice influence in this world. Calvin College is an institution that focuses on engaging God's world fully and wholeheartedly, while giving back to the community to the best of our ability. Someone who is intentional about their life making an impact on others and using their education to do so should come here. A strong feeling of friendship, kindness, and integrity surround the vision of this school. Being all that you can and more is the focus of students here.


This school would be great for a person who loves community, involvement in a variety of activities, and a very rigorous but extremely preparing academic program.


Someone looking for a challenging, rewarding experience at a smaller religious libral arts college. Gotta take your education seriously, and keep an open mind.


Most people that attend this school are upper-middle class, white, and went to a private high school.


People who look at Calvin should have a strong foundation in their faith- they don't have to be a Christian by any means, but know what they believe, because they will be challenged. You have to be open to what others and professors say. It's a lot tougher to stay at Calvin and do well than it is to get it, so you have to be willing to study hard! You have to love people to be here, because we won't leave you alone, either.


Nice christian white people.


someone who loves to learn. liberal christians who are concerned with social justice. people who like "indie" music and that scene. people who like smaller classes and building personal relationships with their professors.




Calvin is a very accepting school. There really is no "type" of person that should attend this school. It is very religiously oriented, so i guess if you are looking for an education that is centered around God, and the Christian faith, Calvin College would be a good choice.


anyone looking for a good christian liberal arts school