Calvin College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


In my opinion, the best thing about my school is the religious emphasis that is incorporated in to all aspects of learning. The professors at Calvin love the Lord, our God and it is clearly shown in the way that they teach. Class always begins with a devotion or a word of prayer, which sets the tone for the rest of class. The faith also is weaved into the professor's teachings, whether it be how God views the particular subject we are learning, or how learning the subject will help us become better stewards of Christ.


The many opportunities to volunteer and engage in the neighborhood. They have a whole building dedicated for volunteering.


Teachers are concerned with my professional success


I love how Calvin has some rules, but leaves a lot up to the students. It is definitely a Christian school, and the professors are all strong believers, but they do not try to run students' lives. One result of this, unfortunately, is that some students misuse their freedom. But many others learn to make truly wise decisions on their own, which they might not have learned going to a college with very strict rules. Calvin emphasizes "responsible freedom" and "cultural discernment", and both ideologies seem to heavily influence the school's rule- and decision-making.


The christian community and how they incoporate it in everything.


The people, students, professors and staff, are very encouraging and willing to help you succeed in your passion. Most of this happens outside the classroom, where your experiences shape who you are. The people at Calvin are accepting of who you are as a person, but also seek to transform the world because they have a passion for Jesus. This passion is what makes the people accepting of others, willing to serve those in need, able to walk with those in times of distress, and approach academic learning and teaching with a diverse and encompassing view.


Definitely the sense of community- dorm life is great, and I've bonded with lots of people in my dorm. The professors are awesome as well, very encouraging and open.


The Christian enviorment. I really love the enviorment, and the freedom in which i can experince the Lord working in peoples lives. Also being able to be able to discover who I am and who God wants me to be.


The best thing about Calvin College is the corss-cultural experience requirement. This requirement forces students to experience another culture, either on or off campus. Most students fulfill this requirement by taking a couse abroad during the three week January term. Calvin provides many opportunities to fulfill this requirement with as little financial stress on the student as possible.


The best thing about Calvin is that the professors, especially in the Health Science fields, are SUPER excited about what they teach. They are also more than willing to share/repeat information with you after class. Also, it is a great feeling when you can go out into the community, say at a restaurant, and a professor recognizes you by name-you know you are not a nobody!


Some of the best people you'll ever meet are on this campus. It's a great atmosphere, the classes are challenging but fun, and there's a lot of school spirit. Coming to OU was one of the best decisions I ever made. I love my major, I love the campus, I love everything about it.


Strong bonds between students. You make friends for life


I think the best thing about my school is that all of the faculty and staff truly care about the students. This in turn leads to a valuable classroom experience, because my professors know me personally, and are helpful and encouraging. The staff as well are all very helpful, making for a comfortable and supportive atmosphere whether I'm in the dining hall, registering for classes, or just have a question I need answered.


The people. Both profs and students. They're good people who honestly care about what they do: polite, generous, and accepting. Due to the CRC heritage in Calvin, people tend to take a broader view on life. It's very refreshing compared to the shallowness of high school.


It is strongly academic, strongly Christian, and has a four year engineering program.


The theatre program is fantastic.


It provides a liberal arts education which gives each student a broad and diverse education.


i don't feel like picking one thing.




The best thing about Calvin is it's reputation for good teachers.


The entire enviornment is fabulous. From the dorm life to the coffee house to the classes, I love it all. I suppose I would have to say the dorm/social life is the best. There is always something happening and everyone is incrediblly inviting and nice. I love all the activities and fun that goes on every day.