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camden county college in blackwood is bug and i it, i can explore and get to know people of different races. so many clubs and resources there i love it,


Camden County College is unique because of its size. CCC is not a one-campus institution. They are in three different cities, and are also partnered with other colleges like Rutgers University. Camden County College is expanding and spreading the name around. Even though Camden County College is just a community college, it isn't JUST a community college. It's a small community and a beautiful campus tucked away on a back road.


I went to University Of Tampa for a year and then tranfered to CCC in fall of 2009. What made CCC different from a normal college campus is how it offers excellent basic education classes and how well they prepare you for the world.


CCC or what my friends call "13th grade" is a great community college. CCC has students from every where thirsting for the chance to get the most out of our school. CCC is full feeling the needs of students in the education field as well as extra activities. The teacher to 30-1 teacher ratio class rooms is a great learning experience. The extra curricular activities keep me interested why?ll I?m not in class, from basket ball games and theater to community service event. CCC is much more than just "13th grade" or any old community college.


Camden County is unique in that it is one of the best 2 year schools to graduate from. It has several rewarding majors and transferrable majors and trade programs that will help any individual live their dreams and get into a profession that suits him/her. It also has a great staff and many activities and clubs to join so that you can put great references and volunteer work on your resume and 4 year university applications.


This school has a very good nursing program. My major is nursing so I wanted to attend a school that had an excellent program and camden county college fit the description. This school has a good transfer program so if you wanted to transfer to a good school you could because they have deals with some of the best schools.


Something unique about Camden County College is the sizes of the classrooms, which are smaller. The average classroom and can hold a maximun of thirthy students. Whereas in most other school I was looking at, the average seating available was more in the hundreds.