Camden County College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Camden County College?


The type of person that should attend school is someone who wants to get a higher education to be able to support themselves later in life. Someone who wants to attend school exceeds their expectations everyday because he or she likes to work hard and likes the feeling of self accomplishment. Someone like this has a goal in mind in he or she reaches that goal because they are determined and have the will power.


I believe that any kind of person could and should attend this school. They offer a wide variety of degrees and they are a lot less exspensive than a university! Anyone that is willing to put forth the effort to study, complete the assignments, and pass the tests would be a great candidate for this college! It is also to my knowledge that Camden County College will be turning some of its programs in to four year programs so anyone wanting a Bachelors degree without the university price may find this college to be a great candidate while considering schools!


A person that is hard working and wants something out of life. Someone who is willing to try and learn, but not give up when things get tough. If you want to achieve in life you should attend this school because this oppurtunity does not come to everyone so when it comes take advantage. Alot of people do not understand the value of a college degree but as you get older you will.