Camden County College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Relax. Take a deep breath. Don't get too worried. School is school and everyone is feeling the exact same way as you the first day. Stop it! Stop your worrying right now! I know what you're thinking and I know what you're going to say about meeting new people, but I promise you it isn't that bad! Gain some self confidence girl! You're going to need it to earn all of those A's I know you really want. It is all in your hands from this point forward, don't let anyone control what flows out of your mouth or into your brain. You have the power to control where you end up. Take a deep breath. Relax.


If I was able to talk to my high school self now, I would have told myself to let nothing get in my way and stop me from doing what i want to do. I regret not finishing school and letting other things take me from what was important to me the most. I have never been the type of person to not be all about school, or all into school. Now I feel like I'm going through so much just to move forward with what I want to do. I try so hard not to let the struggle of me getting back into school affect me, but when you are so determined and want something so bad, its hard to not get upset about it. I would really just knowledge myself to never loose focus always do what you want never let no one or nothing get in your way. Never give up on anything you want, things may get rough because nothing is never just given to you, but just know in the end it will be well worth the fight. Success is always better than failure.


Never be laid back & lazy. I used to think when i go to college everything would be easy and i would fly the first two semesters like flying colors. Well just starting the first semester i couldn't believe the massive homework i had every single day just finishing my first year in college i now realize that studying is really an important aspect when in college. Study hard, work hard , and never settle for less. College will surprise you. There's no excuse in not perfecting yourself because there are resources given to you at all colleges to becoming successful. its your responsibility to whether you want to be laid back or go your dream. College is not the same as high school, no one will be there to baby you into doing whats right.. yes you have advisors to mold you into the right direction but thats all the help you will get. my advise to your seniors out there is to grow up and understand that your life changes as you as you recieve that diploma into your hand. your in the real world and everyone is going to treat you like an ADULT.


"I wish I would have done my homework." I always tell myself I should have done my homework when I was a senior in high school. If I could go back in time, that's what I would tell myself. I would push myself to do my homework. In my high school, a considerable portion of a final grade was based on the amount of homework that was done. During my senior year, I was working two jobs to help save money for college, and I felt that work was more implrtant than school. As long as I could pay my way through college, I would be fine. I was very wrong. My two jobs impacted my grades significantly, and I was in danger of failing. I had to do a lot of extra work to keep my grades up even though I still wasn't doing my homework. If I would have just done my homework, my grades would have been better, and it would have been less intimidating to apply to four-year institutions instead of just registering at a county college. So, what advice would I give my high school senior self? Do homework!


being in a community college gave me the chance to learn alot and to let me choose my career and start with a good knowledge of it.


Highschool and College I consider two different worlds. When I attended highschool I thought it was hard. My 11th grade year was my hardest year and I honestly thought I wouldn't make it through that year. I had hard techers and was taking college level classes. When graduated in june of 2007, I was so happy that I didn't have to do all that work again. Before I attended Camden County College in that fall of 2007, I was very nervous because I wanted to do well but everyone I talked to about college said it was hard and that they almost didn't make itto the end. Being at Camden County College for two years has been that hardest two years in my whole entire life. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior, the best piece of advice I would give myself is manage your stress. The amount of stress I've had these last two years caused me to not do well in some classees and that messed up my gpa. I would also tell myself do as much as you can handle, don't overlaod yourself.


When I went to University of Tampa for my first year I was really surprised at how much spare time I had. If I were to go back and tell my high school age self one thing it would be to manage my time wiser and make sure that I make more time to study.


Don't play around. Go into college ready to work and with an open mind. It's not high school anymore and no one is there to hold your hand. Work as hard as possible because its a short amount of time. Try to meet new people because being alone on a huge campus can be very stressful. Be nice to your professors because they can help you in the end, and never lose a book. Losing a book is like asking for trouble. Once your book is gone, you have two choices by another one or fail. Always remember to do your homework and study even if the teacher doesn't tell you to. Write down everything they say and write on the board and please keep a date book so you miss nothing!


I could made the right choices as opposed to the wrong choice on using time management on my schedule. The balancing act was the most diffcult challenge in my life.


If I travel back in time to 2009 my senior year in high school I would tell my self that even though I think I?m almost at the end of the 4th quarter that I still need to finish out strong because senior year is not just any regular game its if it was foot ball it would be the supper bowl game. I would tell my self to apply to all the scholarships I can because college is ridiculously expensive especially with out financial aid. I would also make sure to tell my self that high school work is not even half of the work that I will be facing my freshman year in college. Doing all my work in highschool won?t only raise my GPA but get my mind set ready for college. I would also tell myself even though it was my last year going to school with the people I grew up with that parting every other weekend with them is the best idea especially when summer was on its way. Finally focusing on school now why'll I?m still building my future is what?s important no matter how clich? it sounds.


I will start by telling myself to get involved in school activities and clubs that will enable me to gain scholarships. I will also advise myself to stick to the Nursing Major tin which I chose and not get discourage by the comments or actions that others say or do. I will then search for colleges that best fit my need as soon as possible. Once accepted to the college of my choice, I would tell myself to become acquainted with the college?s programs that would help me gain more scholarships for further education and not put myself in debt with student loans. I will also advise myself to focus more in the studies and not overwhelm myself with different jobs. Finally, I will advice myself to stay focus in school and not get involved in any serious relationships until after finishing school, because a child can put my goals and dreams on hold until another great opportunity arises.


Just because you are an "ace" in high school getting all the good grades and having the great reputation of being academically stable or advanced doesn't mean that college will be the same thing. College is definitely nothing like high school. College is all about you and what you are going to do. No one can make your decisions for you. You have to make them yourself. Even for the smartest people, at some point you will have to study. Once you lose your scholarship and mess up once, its hard to come back up, so always do your best and strive to be the best and do better. Even for the most anti social people, at some point you might need a partner or a "study buddy" to help you out here and there. Do not be afraid to get some tutoring if you aren't understanding something. Whatever you do, do it your best and strive to be the best and do your best, and not just get by. Getting by gets you C's. Doing your best and striving for the best gets you A's and a brighter future.


During my High school senoir year, i went through a phase we called (senioritus). Its a feeling that implies "you are entitled to slacking your senior year due to the hard work you've put in the past three years." If not careful senioritus can carry on toward your freshman year in college. Then senioritus epidemic can carry on until the individual can clearly distingiush it and change back to the healthly habbits from the past. I my self went through this phase; even in college this phase had affected the way i studied and participated in school and my overall work ethic. My grades dropped and i was stuck looking in mirror at my self and asking "Whats wrong with me... i'm i really that dumb or are my study habbits really that bad." But even when my grades started to improve, i still found my self procrastinating from time to time. Senioritus is in part Procrastination, they go hand in hand. If one or the latter can be avoided, then success in eminent in ones life. Right now this is what i'm still fighting and hopefully will defeat and conquer once and for all.


If I could go back and talk to myself as as a high school senior, I would tell myself about how college is taken a lot more serioulsly than high school! With college you must stay on top of things and not procrastinate with assignments or studying. While staying on top of your studies, it enables you to stay on track. If you put things off for a later time you find yourself forgetting to go back and do them and the work load piles up because you also have more than one course! When you are in college, some programs require you to maintain a certain grade and if you drop below the required grade you are removed from the program. So "staying on top of your game" is a great strategy to get use to. Also, it is very important to study about 8-10 hours a week out of class so that you review daily what you have learned in the previous class sessions. Reviewing helps you remember important facts and helps you pick up on other important information that you may have missed prior. So my main advice is to stay focused and study, study, study!


As a high school senior I made some not so smart decisions if I could go back I would tell myself to pick a good school. Examine everything about the school including prices. Some students just look at the name of the school and decide because it's popular they want to go. What students don't pay attention to (which is the most important) is the tuition and that was my mistake. In order to go to school you have to pay the tuition. Coming out of high school I went straight to a 4 year school when everyone told me otherwise but I did not listen. I would have gone to a community college first then transferred because it is alot cheaper. Lastly, I would tell myself to stay focus and not hang out and party because that distracts you and it causes you not to study which causes you to fail. You dont want to be a failure; you want to be a winner and succeed to make your family but most importantly yourself happy.


If I had to go back and tell myself something about the transition of going from high school to college, I would not tell myself anything. I feel that the string character I have today, and the hard effort I put into my school work is a result of going to college "blind". If I had known what was to come before I went to college, I would most likely not have the same life-learning experiencs.