Cameron University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates, altogether, have a great social energy; they socialize with one another as though they have known each other for quite some time.


Just as confused about this new college student life style as I am.


My classmate are very musically gifted and some of the greatest and most trust worthy friends you could ever meet.


The classmates at Cameron are very diverse in age and in race.


My classmates are not bad at all.


Everyone seems to be pretty cooperative with each other. We are in a more conservative part of the country; however, because of the military involvement within the city, people come from all over the world and the United States with experiences and cultures to which we easily adapt and embrace. I don't think that anyone would really feel out of place at cameron, honestly. There are students in business attire all the way down to rolling out of bed and going to class, and the interests vary greatly.


They are mostly nerds.


Very intelligent and culturally diverse.