Cameron University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Our school is the perfect size for any person at whatever level in their collegiate career. People often say negative things about Cameron because they are not involved in activities outside of going to class, going to work, and going home. I've always recommended to be involved in something on campus and the collegiate career is much more enjoyable. I spend most of my time working in the President's Office or in class, between 8-5 and then am heavily involved in activities outside of class time, which I love and see most of my friends. Cameron is growing in it's appeal to many Lawtonians, but it gets lost in the shuffle from time to time because of the proximity to the University of Oklahoma. Our administration works hard to provide us with the right equipment and supplies, an affordable price and a typical collegiate environment and do a good job of it! The school pride has grown significantly over the past 5 years and keeps growing. I think the Centennial year was a good kickstart for a long and happy future of Cameron.