Cameron University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any one who is interested in furthering their education as well as growing as a person.


Cameron University is open to all different kind of students. Anyone with the will to go to college and try to do better with their lives are welcome with open arms to Cameron University. This is a college that will open its loving embrace to any student that can pay the bill and yearns for a better life for themselves.


Cameron University is a school for people who need second chances. It's for the people who want to try again. The people who won't give up because they fell under once. This school gives that chance to the people who wouldn't be able to find it elsewhere. It gives us a chance to try again and make ourselves better. To futher our educations and become an overall better person.


Anyone that is looking for a opportunity to learn and to learn the trade of their choice. This college is not to hard to get in to, it is affordable. It has great professors, they are very helpful and are available when you need to talk to them. I would highly recommend this school to anyone willing to higher their education.


In order to be successful at Cameron University a person must be driven towards serious goals and focused on taking the necessary steps to achieve these goals. Hard work will go a long ways.


People who want to make something of themselves and especially people with limited resources. At Cameron, all you need to do is ask for help and you'll get an advisor that can focus on you and your financial aid needs and qualifications. If your grades drop below a certain percentage, then you're mailed a notice and if you need or want to, you can discuss this with the dean or anyone you need to in order to take steps to fix whatever needs fixing.


People who want small class sizes and knowledgeable professors.


You! I would recomend it to anyone who wants to be successfull