Cameron University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that enjoys learning in a personal setting. At Cameron you are not a number you have a relationship with your professors and that is very helpful if any problems come up. The campus is big enough you know you're in college but small enough that you can find your way around easily.


A career oriented person that is looking for solid professors that are willing to work with your work schedule.


There really is not anyone that should not attend cameron. Everyone is welcome and Cameron has a lot to offer and also has great professors.


People who don't intend to work shouldn't attend this school. If your parents require or are making you go to college, then this isn't the one for you. At Cameron, there is a no tolerance policy that doesn't allow any kind of drinking or partying, so if that's all a person wants to come for (and not actually work towards a degree or some semblance of education), pick another college; there are plenty out there that don't care what or how you do.


People that shouldn't attend college