Campbell University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Loving, Goofy, silly, crazy, upbeat, ready to go is how i would describe the students at Campbell. Everyone is so friendly!


I enjoy my classmates. We study together and everyone is very collaborative. It is good to attend a college where everyone can become friends, ask questions, and learn together. Everyone is very focused and always studying. If I am having difficulties understanding what the professor has taught, I can always ask one of my classmates and they can explain it. We also stick in packs, we pretty much do everything together, which is helpful!


The classmates at my school are very diverse and unique.


Each classmate is their own unique person, but are always willing to help you in any way they can, while contuining to be an awesome Camel.


My classmates are all part of the Campbell community, a friendly place where no question is ignored. The people I learn with even help me with parts i am struggling with. There are many faces here that have variety, I was good friends with a nice young man from Saudi Arabia. I cannot complain of the ones i am learning with.


My classmates are ready to learn and not here to act up.


The students at Campbell are so friendly.


My classmates are mostly friendly individuals.


The Best and Brightest!!


The students are generally friendly and seem to really strive to live a Christian life.


My classmates are caring, funny, and outgoing individuals whom I wish to keep in contact with after I graduate.


Most of the students here are willing to help you if you need it in your classes if you just talk to them.


Most all of my classmate are personable and wonderful people.


Campbell's student body contains every type of person from every walk of life. It being a Christian college tends to change the way the campus is run (dry campus {no alcohol allowed}, severe punishment if caught doing illicit acts, etc.). Its not run in a bad way at all- having things run the way they are really helps the feel of the small town college and makes you feel a little safer than you might at a larger college. If there were four tables of Campbell students in the dining hall, they would all be filled with different people- hardly ever do you see people who are EXACTLY like each other sitting together of hanging out. Cliques and such dont really seem to pop up at CU.


A group of quasi-intellectuals, some motivated some not, trying to ascertain some sort of education in order that they make some sort of profit with their life.


Classmates are usually hardworking.


Everyone in the classes are willing to meet new people. By the end of a semester you are usually friends or good acquaintances with the people you were in class with. Everyone is willing to help each other out.


Nice, genuine people with a love for the Lord and learning.


The students at Campbell University are smart, outspoken students who very focused on their academics and future, but still manage to thoroughly enjoy the college experience by making great friends and having lots of fun!