Campbell University Top Questions

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It is very close knit campus with a familly atmosphere. The administration is very helpful and understanding.


smaller classes and smaller campus


The biggest thing that stuck out to me about Campbell was that it is measured in acres and not city blocks. I was looking for a small school, and the small campus size really fit. I was also looking for a good Christian university, where I could grow spiritually, and Campbell really seemed to offer that, more-so than other colleges. A small school, with a strong faith-based background, is quite difficult to find these days.


Campbell University is located in an area where you won't be bogged down with a lot of distractions. It 's a college founded on the principles of Christianity. It'a small intimate campus and the teachers have more time to focus on students individually. The teachers are able to give students the attention they need to help them succeed.


The professors generally care about each student and try to get to know each one by name. I have had professors from freshman year still recognize me in my senior year.


It is a very small school and you see the same people almost every day and you get along with almost everybody. The class sizes are really small and your teachers actually know your name and things about you.


Campbell is a little on the pricey side of tuition, but it is worth it. I may be paying back my school for the rest of my life- but it is a great education and you learn a lot.


can make friends easily with people you normally wouldnt


it is the most handicapped accessible school in the state of north carolina. i also love the environment at campbell


This is a close community. Faculty and Staff can often become good friends of students. Faculty members are extremely accessable and usually willing to help.


My school is well-known for it's academic achievements, espcially in Law and Pharmacy, yet the class sizes are not that large and you will not feel left when attending Campbell University. What is unique about my school compared to others is its very advanced yet the classes are small and comfortable.


Not much; Campbell is the smallest of all of the schools that I considered.


It is a small college with just a few thousand people.