Campbell University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is the eating places they have established. There is only a select few places that takes meal plan and with those select few even fewer give the students a full course meal.


THe worst thing about my school is the location. Being somewhat rural there is no public transportation from the school to get to shopping or entertainment businesses. This limits student who live on campus from going shopping and other places as the school does not provide weekly transportation to such locations.


The worst thing about my school would be that fact that they are Baptist and im not. I grew up going to a Methodist background which is very different from what im used to. Getting used to what they believe and how they believe it has been a challenge. Though challenges are worht the effort to go through and going through them with God is a good thing.


The worst thing about my school would be the poor internet service. We have outages quite often, however they are working to fix the problem.


The food is the worst because it does not taste good at all and everybody hates it.


Although Campbell is a Christian school, not all students in attendance have Christian values. Although the campus is "dry," there are parties with alcohol just down the road. By staying in the right crowd, I've only heard about these non-moral things, but many students may get caught in the trap.


The location of the school. There is nothing close to the school so you will need a car to get to anything like shopping or eateries.


The students don't taken enough pride in their university. We should all be united and support each other.


The worst thing is that, because it is in a small town, sometimes there is not a lot to do on the weekends. The college works hard to provide programs for the students and there are places to go on campus, but it can still be frustrating to have to drive ten miles to get the nearest town.


The shool being in the middle of no where is the worst thing in my opinion because there is not a lot that we can do on weekends and everybody goes back home because of that so it gets boring after a while.


The worst thing about my school is its location. It is in a small town, basically in the middle of nowhere. There is no transportation around campus or the surrounding area. If you do not have a car or friends with a car, you are basically stuck on campus.


Gossip, as with most schools. Tell one person, and everyone knows.


dealing with administration, mostly in the tutition department, they can be very unhelpful at times


small, no football team until I graduated, very strict boy girl dorms unrealistic of life after graduation


There isn't much to do off campus. You have to leave town to go do any real shopping or nice restaurants/bars.


there is not enough to do on campus on the weekends. you usually have to find your own fun on the weekends.


Everyone is very closed-minded and conservative. During the presidential elections I was offended a few times by some of the things students did, and the way they acted, but I still enjoy the school overall.


No television production facilities and the food!


The worst thing about Campbell is it's location. Buies Creek is a very small country town. We have to drive twenty minutes to get to Wal-Mart. There If you want to see a movie, go to a nice restaurant, or do any shopping, you have to drive about thirty minutes to one of the bigger towns around us.


The segregation of the males and females. The school was stuck in the old days, and made you feel like you were not allowed to socialize with the opposite sex.


The food choices could be better and parking. It is a smaller campus but we need more parking because there is no mass transit to get to the school if you live off campus. However, they are in the process of building a new chapel.


The worst thing is the campus is dead on the weekends. That makes it very easy to get bored if you have nothing planned, also it makes it very inconvient to find places to eat or just buy a snack.


The worst thing about Campbell is that it is located in an area that is at least 45 minutes from a metropolitan area. If I want to see friends at State or Carolina there's driving involved.