Campbell University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Campbell University is a Baptist college. There is zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use here. It is a small college and very academically driven. If you are going to college to party and not work hard, do not come here. This is what I love about Campbell. It's small like my hometown, Bear Grass, N.C. I don't have the distraction of the "party" atmosphere that a lot of other campuses have. I love it!!!! This is a great place to start a successful carreer.


A person that is religious, a little outgoing, got money, and has a desire to work hard in the classroom should attend this school.


Anyone looking for smaller class sizes, a religious campus, does not mind driving a few miles to find a Wal-mart, and does not mind a more structured college experience.


A religious, focused, and smart student should come to campbell.


A motivate student


A person who like a small community and wants to feel comfortable should attend Campbell University. You will see people everyday and not get lost in a crowd. This is a Christian community and anyone who likes that should attend. People are really nice and say hello when they pass you even if they don't know you. Also, people will wait and hold the door for you when leaving a room or building. This stands out to me.


Anyone can attend this school, as long as they are focused and can work hard on their studies. Those who don't plan on studying probably should not consider this school. This school is perfect for those who prefer a small campus with smaller classes.


Someone who is looking for a relatively small school that has a friendly and helpful staff. There is not always a lot to do on campus, however it is easy to make friends, and to entertain yourselves. If you want to have fun by going out, there are major cities within a reasonable driving distance.


If you like really big cities, this is not for you. Someone who enjoys rural, simple life should attend this school. There are things to do surrounding the school (30 minutes or more away), but it is not for a partier or someone who likes to feel like they are in a huge city.


A person who wants to attend college to learn and not party. Campbell is very focused on learning.


A person who wants to make a stronger religious connection, make lifelong friends and get a top quality education.


The type of person that should attend Campbell University is a type of person who enjoys studying in a quiet environment but is not completely isolated from the surrounding places. They should also like being around a diversity of students and look forward to a classroom with a small number of students in it.


This school is not for someone who wants to get lost in the crowd. You should attend this school only if you want you professors to be your friends. Faith is important here as well. This is not a partying campus. It has an intimate setting. So you should attend Campbell if you want a close, personal, family atmosphere.


Someone who would like a small college atmostphere, with a big college education.


I think that only people that should attend this school are people who live in the area and do not mind communting from home, or people who do not mind long drives. Or thinking from a positive perspective, people who are extremely focused on their education and who do not want any distractions should also consider this school because it is located numerous miles away from civilization.


Someone who is willing to work hard and someone who does not like to party.


well if a person is looking for a good degree in business, law or pre-pharmacy then this would be a great university to attend.


One who is religiously based and has strong moral and ethical values. One who is willing to work hard and appreciate their reward no matter what the outcome.