Campbell University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Look at schools closer to home. Family matters just as much as an education, if not more. It's going to be hard to get the education that you want if you do not have the support system that you need. You should make a list of important things that you need to know about the universities you are looking at, and then ask an addmissions couselor. Ask about university scholarships, the meal plan options, ask if declaring your major will change the price of tuition. On orientation day or a visiting day ask a student about the types of food available on campus, what kinds of activities are common on campus, and when and how to apply for work study programs. Ask someone with the same major if they had difficulty balancing their work load and time with friends. All of these are important questions that you need to be answered. Its okay to ask, you will not look stupid asking.


Do not get caught up with many friends. Friends are nice to have but school work is much more important. I have the rest of my life to make friends but I only have 4 years to get a degree. Study as hard as you can and never say you do not have time to finish something. You have to adapt to the college life by finding that studying is a free time activity. You have to condition yourself to find that studying is fun as a way to undestand all of the material.


To my high school self: Be healthy. Incoming freshman are extremely stressed and healthy habits should already be implemented so that the freshman fifteen is not an option and that all the psychology sessions offered to us are not needed. Freshman are young adults on their own for the first time and I can say I was not interested in watching my weight or stress level, but if I had already had healthy barriers built I would have been more proud of my mind and body leaving my first semester. Take a break to relax and workout and don’t choose all the fried foods. Also, pay attention to the nutrition labels; although they may display how unhealthy many of the foods are they also display the better options to choose. Health is not an option it is a matter of a long healthy life or a short unfulfilled life. Choose the long healthy life by simple sacrifices early.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to be prepared for long nights of studying, days of tutoring and striving for success. Being in college is far more different than high school because there is no one to tell you what to do, you have to do for yourself. I do miss high school because there was more free time. At Campbell University, I am now more independent, and I don’t think my high school senior self would have ever thought that college would be anything like this. I would tell my high school self that the transition will not be easy, separation for your parents will not be easy, but it will be worth it in the end. There will be many times where you will think, what have I gotten myself in to, but you will realize that greater is coming, you just have to be patient and work for it. The final words to my high school senior self is that failure is not an option, because success is just beyond those doors, all you have to do is just open them!


If I could go back in time and tell my high school senior self something it would definitely be to be more involved for my freshman year. Since I am a shy person and was not involved in as many clubs as possible I got bored quite often so it is certainly imperative to get out there more and get out of my comfort zone so that I can really enjoy the experience of college life. Most importantly in accordance with being more outgoing I would say to be more organized for the simple fact that college life can be hectic and it's so important to make sure that everything gets done efficiently and in a good manner. Overall I would say to my old self just be ready for the busy life of a college student and pace yourself, it will be fun.


Going back to me as a senior in high school i would tell myself about all the challenges that were about to come my way. College opens up many different worlds that could either hurt you or help you. I would tell myself to be prepared to study more and listen to my teachers in high school whent they said how hard and different colllege would be for me. I would also tell myself that you will not be the same quiet girl that only talked when someone came up to her. And that within a day you can meet a new friend or a person that could right by your side in a heart beat. lastly saying that college is something new just take it day by day and it will be the best choice you have ever made.


Looking back to my high school years brings back a flood of memories. If I could tell my high school self anything in order to better my future it would be to save money. College is so expensive and finances are often a big burden for me. Constanly having to struggle to pay tuition is not fun. I would tell myself to save as much money as possible because in the long run it will make a big difference. I am facing the burden to pay for school now because I chose not to save money when I could have. Another piece of advice I would give myself would be to enjoy each and every day instead of longing for the future. College is going by so fast and it really is the best years of your life. Instead of wishing each day away, take time to enjoy and apprecaite each moment. Make smart decisions and make memories that you will never forget so you don't regret it later. College will be an experince you will never forget!


Always look into what kind of programs your high school may offer that will help in the future with your career. My mistake wsas not looking into what my high school could offer me to advance my education in nursing such as the Certified nursing assistant programs. Always learn to save money to help pay for expenses and be sure to talk with advisors at the college you intend to transfer to so that you make the right decisions of courses.


Hey Nathalie! . Your advisors are telling you that you need to graduate, pursue your dreams and dont give up. But what they leave out is you will struggle beyond what you think your mind can handle. you'll spend hours studying, drinking coffee and even falling asleep on the $200 books that you paid for. You'll want to give up so bad , but you know that your dreams weigh more than these 4 years of college. one semester your GPA wil be a 3.6 and you'll be happy(of course) . then you'll register in the spring in this chemistry class , just to find out that you hate the smell of potassium sulfate. not to forget you failed this chemsistry class. Nat , college isnt easy but it isnt difficult . You'll stumble and think its the end of the world , but in reality , mistakes are just gateways for oppertunities. At the end of the day, you'll leave college like a boss. And remember Carpe Diem.


I would say to myself to not be nervous. This is going to be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Always be open to make new friends, and enjoy this time as a time of self discovery. Enjoy being your own housekeeper, and cook. It will make you a better and more rsponsible person. Always take time to talk to your family at home and get to know your college family as best you can. There is so many great people out there and friendships can start simply by saying hello to someone. See this as your beginning to a great career and know that all the hard work you are doing does have a pay off. It is hard leaving your family, pets, and what you know as your normal, but it is so going to be worth it! Embrace it!


If I could go back in time to my high school days, I would have better prepared myself for college. First off, I would have never procrastinated. I would have managed my time a lot better and took more time doing assignments rather than all the last minute. Also, I would have been a lot more mature academically. This means I would have paid attention in class, did all my homework, sat upfront and last but not least I would have asked questions. Financially, I would have saved up all of my money to help me pay for college, and I would have filled out scholarships way earlier. When you’re young you never really pay attention to how expensive college is until you’re enrolled. In retrospect, I would have been mentally, physically and financially prepared for college if I could go back to my high school days.


Taylor- When you first leave for college, you’re going to be scared- actually, petrified. You’ll be worried you won’t have any friends, and you won’t have straight A’s like you do now. I can promise you this- you’re going to do great. You’ll walk to class and have to stop twenty times because you constantly see your friends. You’ll be someone they want to study with because your grades are so good. Don’t pressure yourself in high school, just have fun. College will be awesome, but enjoy your time as a senior, because things will change. When you get to Campbell, you’ll cry almost every day of the first week because you want everything to go back to how it was, but if you stick it out, you will see some of the amazing things you will accomplish in your life. Stay positive no matter what is thrown your way, and I promise you- you will have more fun in the next four years of your life at Campbell than you have had in the past eighteen years of your life.


The one major piece of advice I would give myself is be careful how you manage your time. The workload will be more, but if you stay focused and always be aware of the assignments you have to do for each class, then you will be just fine. Also, it may be difficult to find a way of finish paying off tuition for one school year because most students only get partial scholarships. Due to lack of money, try to find a job on campus. There are more females than males here. You might just find yourself a girlfriend.


Stay focus and school oriented and don't let anything else get in the way of that image. No matter what is going on in your life right now, the only thing that is going to help decide your future is your education.


I would tell myself to enjoy and take my time, becuase the last year really does fly by. I would advis myself to really take the extra time and get tutoring and really make sure that I understand the work that was at hand. I would also tell myself to not get so streesed out over the little thing and foucs on myself and school work.


Talking to me as a senior, i would have to tell myself to save up all the money i could. I have run into serious finincial troubles this first year that i could have assited in helping with. Had i anticipated that my father would lose his job than i probably would have spent less money as a senior. I cant dwell on that, but i would apply so much more into my studying habits. I need A's and B's to get into the programs i need. There are times that i need to be more calm, if i stress too much i wont get enough sleep and my grades will suffer. Time management is key Matthew, learn about it as soon as you can.


You’ve survived! Your hard work perfecting labs, setting drill, and putting up with eccentric teachers has paid off. I know you are worrying about getting into college- but don’t. You get into the school that’s perfect for you. Thank Mrs. Wojo and listen to what she says-because of her you will succeed in your college sciences. When homework seems bad and you want to give up, just think about how easy you are making college for yourself. You will even help others along the way by giving them the raps, rhymes and songs you taught yourself to survive chemistry. Even the seemingly unhelpful teachers you have encountered will help you. Yes, Mr. Baker is ridiculous, but learning how to foster a connection with him will serve you by helping you develop relationships with professors . Things seem hard now, but it gets better. Your parents are at their financial breaking point, but you find a way to make it. And despite everything, they find some peace in their relationship. Don’t sweat the small stuff, get plenty of sleep now while you can and just look forward to the next four years because they will be amazing.


All those years ago I fantasized about how fabulous my adult life was going to be. I imagined days of travel and exploration and nights of party and celebration; I never imagined how school would fit into that picture. In June of 2007 I sauntered to the stage of graduation soon to find that indeed every sordid tale was true; in this time of my life I sought out job positions in places that are commonly considered less than fabulous. It was also in this time that I grasped an understanding of the importance of a solid and useful education. If I could board a time machine and give my old self advice; I would assure myself that all my fantasies can come true but only if I use my brain as a muscle. The strongest win the fight and with my education I will conquer in the fight for life.


If i could go be a senior again i would be more foused on school work. I would think more about schlorships and less about slacking off. Also, more time applying to colleges that i want to go to. Senior year was fun bu i slacked off wa to much and i woud change that if i could go back. i have matured since college and now i see how unfocused i was. I would tell my self not to worry about dorm life that you will make great friends that will last a lifetime and that you will get accustomed to have a hall shower! I would tell my self to focus on making my writing skills and less on just trying to pass English class.


Study hard and stay focused


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior I would have taken the scholarship search more seriously. I would have started applying for scholarships sooner and applied for more. I would tell myself to embrace college life and stay on campus more instead of going home most weekends. My advice would be to take full advantage of all the campus amenities, such as exercise classes, swimming pool and weekend trips. Ask for and listen to the advice of others with more experience than myself. It can be intimidating in a new place when you don't know anyone I wish I would have been more adventurous and done things on my own in order to meet people and make connections. Time management is an issue too I would remind myself to use my time wisely and to not procrastinate on assignments. Most of all I would tell myself to have fun and enjoy this time in life, make a lot of friends and a lot of memories, because these will be some the best days of my life.


Always strive for your best in everything that you do. The least little thing could be the major deciding factor tomorrow!!


What advice I would give to my High School Senior self is to enjoy the last bits of my High School year. I was so anxious to leave and now I miss High School and all the memories I made in my Senior year. I always say, "I wish I had done this in High School.." or "If I could go back to High School again..". I would want my self to go out on a limb and not let anyone affect the decision I choose.


When I look back at my last year of high school there really isn’t much advice that I would give myself. Sure there are things that I wish I had known like how to register classes or to not plan to do laundry on Sunday nights. I know my parents would tell me to look at more scholarships, my grandma would tell me to go to church more, and my little brother would tell me to keep going and never look back; not realizing that in a few years he will be in the same place I am. The truth of the matter is that there is only one piece of advice that I can think of that I would not just shrug off and say “yeah I’ll get to it”. That one piece of advice would be to slow down. Looking back I feel like I was so focused of leaving that I didn’t spend as much time enjoying the moment for what it was even if I was just filling out paperwork or sitting in church. So maybe it wasn’t the best advice but it was what I needed and I still need today.


I would tell myself that you should apply for as many scholarships as possible to relieve the stress of college payments and loans in the near future. In high school preparing for college mentally, physically, and also preparing to leave home is a challenge in itself. But preparing yourself for the financial commitment is challenging as well. I would encourage myself to spend a little extra time each day to surf the web and search for different scholarship opportunities such as this one and many more. As an experienced college freshman being in debt takes away from thoroughly enjoying yourself in college. And being free from stress helps you to relax and enjoy learning and growing. I would give myself advice in scholarship hunting and being free from college loans so that my college experience would be absolutely debt and stress free.


Given the chance to talk to my high school self, I would tell "me" to attend college immediately after high school. I would inform myself that life after high school, with no college degree, is a struggle, and once you realize that you want to attend college later in life, the struggle gets even harder. I would tell myself that it has been tough enough going to school part-time, and now that I want to finish my last two years of my bachelor's degree, it will be harder than I imagined because my father is much older and fell sick. I don't want to put school off any longer than I have to, but juggling work, school, maintaining my home, and taking care of my dad, all while being single, are the obstacles that I have come across from waiting so many years to complete my education. Long story short, I would tell my high school self to stick it out and go straight into college because it will not get easier when "I'm" older.


If I could go back into time and advise myself on college and life I would not change much. I would advise myself to go through with enlisting into the military becuase I know how much I gained from serving our country. The ultimate thing that I'd advise myself is to complete my degree earlier (Wile serving in the military) College is always a good decision and the sooner the better.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior and give me advice that would make college easier, I would say to work on your networking skills. I would tell myself that when I arrive on campus you should introduce youself to as many people as possible and sign up for clubs and groups that sound interesting to you. Meeting as many new people as possible and spreading your horizon is very beneficial for discovering what you like and finding out who you are. I would also tell myself to go out and befriend your professors. I have learned that professors love to help out their students and they want us to succeed. Getting to know your professors can help you with you academics and also when you need help getting a job, internship, or anything that needs a recomendation. It looks good when you have a professor on your side and backing you up. So I would tell myself to not be shy when you arrive on campus because like I have been told my whole life from my dad, "it's not always what you know, it's who you know."


I would have a lot of advice to tell myself: “Ask for help from your professors. No question is too dumb.” “Keep procrastination to a minimum. Getting behind on one assignment will, in the end, get you behind on a lot of assignments.” “Don’t fear the course load. Just take lots of breaks, and you will be just fine.” “Work on Western Civilizations first, that way your hardest subject will be done.” “Don’t be afraid to meet new people.” “Exercise like crazy, so that you can avoid the freshman fifteen.” “Be on the lookout for all of the college freebies and take them.” “Avoid the temptation to eat at Cookout all the time. After a while, it will become very unhealthy.” “Let God be in control, and then you will be in more control as well.” “Don’t cram for tests; they are far too long and hard for a single night’s memories.” “Keep in touch with your family often, or else they will think you don’t want to come home.” “Still tell your mom when you are sick.” “Don’t let your friends distract you from your school work.” “Keep your head up high.” “Smile.”


I would tell myself to attend college right after high school, it would make things easier, instead of waiting until later in life, because then it makes things harder. I would also tell myself to try my hardest at everything I do so that it would benefit my outcome.


I would tell myself to be more outgoing and willing to get out of my comfort zone. I have met a lot of interesting people so far, and I never know what friendships or relationships I may have missed out on. Have fun!


In high school, I was tense about every test, prject and essay. I assumed that college professors would shove essay after essay in me face and expect perfection at first try. I went into college a nervous wreck, prepared to take on the worst. If I could just slap myself in the face and give myself a pep-talk, I would be telling myself to "take a chill pill," they are not going to expect you to know what you are doing right off the bat. Freshmen get a lot of grace from the professors because they are still adjusting to the college life. I would tll myslf to stop bing so uptight about every single detail and do not expect perfection when in all honesty, no one is perfect.


My college experience so far has been very dull. The iniversity I attend is very inactive and it has a huge lack of support for its student body. Accidemics and golf are the main focuses of the university. My grades are great though.


This is my first time attending college and I must say that I am very excited and willing to further my education. I am going to nashville auto diesel college and I am taking up Collision repair and Refinishing Technology which plays a major part of something that I wanted to do since I was about 12 years old this is pretty much finding my dream, reaching for it and hoping to make it to the end so that I can assure that I get to where i need to be in life. Especially to the fact that doing this means that I am going to have a great job that I love and theres nothing like saying that I go to work and I am actually happy to go or that I love my job. Hopefully this can help me pay for college It would really be helpful for me to achieve my ultimate goal. Having this option has opened a few doors for me and hopefully I can open a few more in the near future.


I am currently finishing my first semester as a Freshman and I have grown up more in three months at college than eighteen years at home with my parents. I have learned to be a true team player . I recently told both of my parents who were never afforded the opportunity that I have to go to college that I know I am going to be able to give back to my community and our economy more when I become a Pharmacist and a college education at Campbell will give that to me. I will be a giver and always grateful for the privilege of freedom in having a college education.


I have yet to be able to enjoy the college experience because I have been unable to attend due to lack of funds. I would love to be able to finally attend college so I can build a better future for me and my family. I would also like to enrich the culture of the younger generations by making them excited about the arts. So all I ask is for the oppurtunity to be able to go to college to further educate myself.


I am completing my first semester of College . Having attended a progressive learning environment in High School, I thought the adjustment would be minimal. The experience has been challenging. From the first day of move in, adjustments were made very rapidly. Meeting new people, developing friendships, and learning "my way" was a unique experience. Setting up your life and your schedule in a campus environment is the first real test of independence. Developing a comfortability with your schedule, and how to get to where you need to be in a timely manner has taught me to be a better planner and organizer of my time. So far, I have learned a lot about myself, and my strengths and weaknesses. I learned that my parents were right about many things....sit up front , don't miss class, and be involved with what you are learning. Cramming will catch up with you , find the best study time and study environment for you . I've realized your environment is what you make it.....Surrounding myself with the right people, and experiences, will help me identify my goals, and strengthen my abilities.


As of right now their hasn't been much of a college experience. But being here has helped me realize what I am not. I am not the type of student that likes small cities with nothing surrounding the campus. I am not the type that goes out and parties and gets drunk all the timme but I just like to have the reassurance that there is potentially something going around a college campus. I have realized that grade are more important than anything else in school. I am a baseball player here and I have realized how important school is to me now. Baseball will only take me so far in life, but and education will take me more places than any sport ever will. My love for the game has demineshed but what has increased is the respect of knowledge and an education. I want a better life for me and my future family and I don't believe that I can achieve what I want here. So where ever I may end up, I hope to become a better person first, student second, and if sports are still in the picture, thats's last.


My college experience has been an amazing time of self-discovery and independence. I have learned that I am a stronger person than I thought before, and that I have the skills that I need to make it on my own. The journey has given me self-confidence and really reinforced my calling to be a social worker. If I had not attended this college, I would have been swept away in the crowd, but Campbell quickly feels like home to those who come. My dream is to work with orphans and adoptions, and college is making that goal a reality by placing me in internships and giving me the education needed for my future career. Without this experience, I would not be able to achieve my desire to help children who do not have a mother or father to support them, and it is for this reason that college is indispensable.


From having this experience, I have learned to mature and find myself. I am also thankful for what my family has blessed me with, in having an education. I have been opened up to new experiences through the community and through my studies. One of the most important aspects of my education is the atmosphere. Atmosphere is everything, especially when it determines how well you adapt to the surrounding. All in all, this education has opened up a broader perspective by showing me how determination and finding yourself makes the experience all the better.


Since North Carolina is not my home state, this was the first thing that made my college experience valuable. I left home and had to live on my own for the first time in my life. North Carolina opened me up to a world outside of New Jersey and the northeast, and taught me valuable lessons in patience and tolerance. My experience also gave me the desire and the courage to travel even further outside my comfort zone and I have been to other places in Europe and China. My travels have introduced me to many amazing experiences and brought me into contact with people that have become my friends for life. My college experience has helped me to become a positive example and an inspiration to anyone I come into contact with. It has also provided me with necessary life skills that allow me to confidently and successfully navigate the journey of life.


I really believe I dealt with the change from home to college-life quite easily. I was a military brat and we would move every few years to a new location. As such, I became very attached to my family and preferred to stay with them rather than venturing out on my own. When I decided to attend Campbell, I chose a college that was hours away from home. I also chose the one college that no one else in my graduating class was attending. I was really starting out on my own. The only advice I can give myself is that even though I was far from home, I survived. Going alone to a college so far from home was really benificial in turning me into more of an extrovent. So in the words of Kevin James, "Don't sweat the small stuff."


If I could go back, I would start preparing for college earlier. I would make sure I kept my grades up and not get senioritis. Also, I would tell myself to have fun. I stressed during my senior year. It only happens once so it's important to have a balance of activities and school work. I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. I would make it clear to have relationships with people who will help my educational career. Having bad influences in your life can only hurt you. Some people will only hold others back. Now that I know how college life is, I would tell myself to develop a better sense of study skills. I rarely had to study in high school. Study skills are VERY important in college. Overall, I would tell myself to appreciate the time I had in high school and take advantage of all my opportunities.


I would tell myself to attend a small schoo because it is a lot easier to make it through than being at a huge university all on your own. The teachers get to know you and are there for you whenever you need them. I would also tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as you can because you do not want to take out a lot of loans just to make it through your first year of college. Taking out loans made me see how important scholarships are and how they can help me stay in school and further my eduacation. Also i would say to take your school work seriously because you do not want to end up with a low GPA and loose the scholarships that you have earned. Knowing what I know now I would have done a lot of things differently while applying to schools.


I would tell myself to stay focused. Study the material at least every night. Try to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep. DO NOT wait until the last minute to finish up a paper or project. Practice time management as well as money management. Get involved in school related functions and activitives. Keep an eye out for internship possibilities and job opportunities. DO NOT overwork yourself. Have a hobby or pasttime that relieves stress. You will make GREAT FRIENDS! Stay optimistic! Keep positive! Remember to pray and do your best at what ever you do.


If I had the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior about my college future, I would let myself know that will be the best time in my life. I would make myself aware of how important it is to study and do assignments on time rather than waiting until the last moment and stressing. The transition is easy as long as you surround yourself with people who are on the same path tofgreatest and success. And most importantly, I would tell myself to just plainly have fun and continue to put God first in my life, because college only comes around once and it would not be possible with Him guiding me every step of the way. There will be hard times and days of frustration, but they are minimal compared to the joys and laughs that I will have as well.


I would tell myself to learn how to actually study. College is way different than high school in which you actually need to study and understand the material to do well in classes. A lot of classes you take in college require you to take a second course which means you need to remember the material you learned in the first course. Take the AP tests and do well on them so you go into college with credits and don't have to take certain classes, which will also save yourself some money and time. College is a lot about managing your time wisely so it's important to start practicing how to do this. Time needs to be split up between going to classes, studying for those classes, doing homework or extra credit, extra-curricular activities and hanging out with friends. Get in the habit of not procrastinating! When you get assignments, start on them early because chances are, more assignments will pile in and you'll be stressed out trying to get them all done and they won't be of high quality work since you rushed through it.


Work hard and enjoy your time at school


College life is very different from what you know as a high school student. You have to study and you have to learn to manage your time. Learning how to balance a social life, work, spiritual life and school work without your parents hanging over you is a very different and difficult thing to do, but once you are able to balance everything, life begins to show you exactly how rewarding it can be. You find yourself thinking about things that actually challenge you to look at the world from a different perspective. You learn just how important it is to have the kinds of friends that will go to the library or coffee shop and study with you and not the kinds of friends that want you to go out to the club on a Thursday night. You also begin to realize just what it means to grow up and live life more than just one one day at a time. What you do now WILL follow you for the rest of your life so live your life wisely.


Make sure that you are one hundred percent sure about the college that you choose to attend. If you are not comfortable there, it will be harder to learn and be away from home. Also, never be afraid and underestimate yourself. You can do anything that you put your mind to. All you need is alittle bit of faith.