Campbell University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The school does not provide transportation often enough to go shopping and other places.


The most frustraing thing is that it is in a very small town and there is not much around. This causes problem when you want to get off campus because there are places to go but you have to drive into the next town over.


There is nothing frustrating about Campbell University!


I love the school but it is annoying that you are only allowed in the opposite sex's room for onll certain times on certain days. I feel like being in college requires freedom and they kind of take that freedom away from us. Expecially when we are young adults in the 20's, it is just frustrating.


There is a very strict policy about guy and girl dorms. The open house policy can be quite annoying at times.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that it is *sort of* in the middle of nowhere and you often have to drive in order to do many things.




Closed-minded people. Not racially diverse at all.


Rising tuition rate is very frustrating, it has almost doubled for me in 4 years.


Its "middle of nowhere" location.


It is a little far from home.


The most frustrating thing about Campbell is that many students leave on the weekends to go home. Therefore, making the campus dead. Hopefully, with football returning to campus this fall, this situation will change.