Campbell University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how large the christian presence is on campus. I wish I would have know how out of place I would feel being a non-christian on campus. I wish I would have known that most students go home on the weekends. I wish I would have known how hard it would be to make friends as a non-christian, non-southern, non-conservative student on this campus.


I wish I had known that tuition was going to double this year coming up because I cannot afford to pay out of pocket for the other half of my tution so at least a better scholarship this year would have helped tremedously more.


I do wish I would have known that the tuition slightly increases every year.


I wish I would have known making good grades to maintain a good grade point average is important but no everything. When I came to school I was focused and ready to score high on every test and quiz. But I found that a score does not change who I am or what I am capable of. And I found that what matters in life are the lives you touch. Although scoring high and being on top is one of my goals, being involved in touching someone’s life is my number one goal!


The lack of social events and student support of the university.




I wish I would have known how much everything cost. Campbell is a private school. Tuition is very high compared to state funded schools. The education is great, which offsets the high cost.


I wish I knew how expensive school could get later on.


I wish I knew how to get more scholarships because this school is private and fairly expensive.


Before you go to college, try to take as many AP classes as you possibly can. It pays off in the long run and saves you time and money. I also wish that when I came to Campbell, that my study habits were stronger. I felt, as a freshmen that I honestly had to learn how to study for the first time.


I really wish I would have known how difficult it would be for me to find funding in order to further my education. I want more than anything to be successful, however the struggle of finding the money in order to that is almost more stressful than actually going through school itself.


I would have liked to have known that Campbell University has many different off-campus housing available to students.


Cannot think of anything


How much fun it would be.


The many different options for housing, meal plans and etc. I really didn't know much about this stuff because i transferred from a community college.


I wish I would have known more about what I wanted to get out of my college experience aside from the academic perspective. I spent so much time focusing on academics that I didn't leave much time to enjoy just being in college and being a college student.


I wish I would of known about the construction that would of been going on, as to it has become a big inconvience in going to and from classes from Men's Campus


Which dorms were up to date. What the college gives to each school to help it grow.


The tuition would rise $4000 after my second year here.


I wish I had more information about the lifestyle of students.


That there were so many liberals and an attendance policy.


I wish that I had known or understood how quickly old friends could change before I came to this school.


That it was a an orthodox christian school.


I wish had known how important scheduling my time was. College life is fast paced and it is easy to let things you should have done get away from you.