Campbell University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I could not have picked a better college that has strong minded professors that actually care about their students success.


I consider the family aspect of campell the best thing. Although it is a college with many people from many backgrounds the family support is prevalent. We truly support each other and the friends we make are true and compassionate. I got sick this year and was in the hospital for three weeks and the friends i had made and known for one semester came to visit me my first week as well as my school resident chaplain and dorm resident director. We are truly a fami


The best thing about my school is that the academics are great and it is a very safe enviornment.


The best thing about the school would have to be the amount of programs that they have. They are always hosting some event whether it is a movie or a singer that is passing through town. There is always something going on to help with the boring nights in the dorms.


The best thing at my school is the population size. The classes are really small and you have the liberty of asking questions in the classroom, which helps me to understand what is being taught. I love walking around the campus each day and seeing the same faces. It makes you feel like you are at home and also gives you a sense of community.




The best thing is the personal feel that you get from the professors and the other students. Because it is smaller than a typical public university, people know each other so much better and Southern hospitality extends from everyone. It is amazing to not feel like just another number when you go to class, and the staff is very dedicated to making sure everyone gets the help they need.


The best thing about my school is that it is Christian oriented which allows you to displace your faith in several different forms.


I love the small class size. The student/ teacher ratio at Campbell is wonderful. Its hard for me to learn and i feel so much more comfortable when there are fewer students. I feel that it's ok to ask questions and this makes me less nervous.


They offer very specifice degrees.


The career programs available are the best thing about my school. There are so many choices and there is always someone who will help you find the career path that best fits your dreams and aspirations.


The best thing about this campus is the small classrooms. Although most of the major classes have a larger student body, they are still relatively small. This is great because it leads to a better student/professor relationship.


The main to consider about this school is the location. This school is located out in the middle of nowhere. You need to drive atleast 30 minutes away to find some civilization. Also since it is a small school, many classes are only offered once a year (either during the Fall or Spring semester). So you need to look out for that so that you do not end up taking just a couple of classes during you last semester.


The best thing about the University is the student professor relationship. Everyone of my professors know me by my name and keep up with you throughout the your education there. It feels like home.


The friendly atmosphere and outgoing-ness of everyone. Imagine the Brady Bunch.