Canisius College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Canisius College is best known for being a quality and prestegious college. Its programs have great quality. The school is small and very hands on with the professors.


Canisius College is best known for it's students, who learn to become greater citizens of the world through teachings and experience.


The high standards of our education


Canisius is best known for creating leaders and giving the maximum amount of help and support to allow the students to reach their goals and dreams. Canisius is also noted for having great writers emerge.


This school is create for those interested in receiving a degree in education. Also the small community feel at this school allows for students to meet many people. Classes are small and allow students to have better relationships with their professors.


Canisius is known for its excellent Business program at the bachelor and master levels. Many foreign students come for the International Business Program. It also attracts many Education majors as well as Accounting majors, etc. They are not definicient in the Humanities, with strong English and History programs as well.


Biology, Accounting, Education.




Closeness with professors


My school is best known for the program I am in. Athletic Training. The Director of Athletic Training is an amazing person who is stern but very willing to help students in need. Being far away from home, it isn't as hard as I thought it would be because it is a very warm campus, very welcoming.