Canisius College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell people about Canisius College, I always talk about the classes and how the work is hard, but rewarding. I am personally always impressed with how experienced all of the teachers are in their designated fields and how good they are at sharing their knowledge with the students. The faculty has always been there to support me in each of my academic and work-related endeavours. Not only are the academic aspects of Canisius excellent, the extra-curricular activities offered have fueled and reinforced my interest in the Equestrian field. Canisius, overall is a great place!


I was working as a freelance writer for The Buffalo News on spec as a recent college graduate. When I submitted my first special to the news piece, the editors fiipped out because they couldn't believe how good it was. When they asked where I graduated, I said "Canisius College." They responded, "Oh, that explains alot. Canisius grads always stand out."


That it is small and intimiate. The circulum creates the most well rounded student and person.


The dorms are amazing and the classes are easy.