Canisius College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Canisius College? Why?


The worst thing would be the food because I have no choice but to eat it and there are not many options that fit my health needs.


Nothing, I love this school. The choices are endless, with no boundaries.


The area, its a beautiful school and not a big campus but the area isn't the greatest.


The worst thing about Canisius is that for a liberal arts college it is very limited in specific courses. Another is the fact that it is in the city of buffalo.


There isn't enough diversity but each incoming freshmen class makes the school more of a mixing pot.


The location causes the campus to be spread out. It does not really feel like a typical campus in which you would drive on but instead it is intertwined within city streets in buffalo which causes the school to lose its "college" atmosphere.


That it is landlocked, if the neighborhood allowed for Canisius to expand it would be great!


The worst thing about this school, is I feel there is too much expected out of us, and the smaller classes we have.


My area of study, Digital Media Arts is a booming media industy in our society today but at Canisius is too small it needs to be expanded to be taken seriously.