Canisius College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Canisius College?


Someone who is looking for small classes


Outgoing, fun loving, and those who like to partake in service work


A student looking to be the next leader in our community. At Canisius we stand for getting involved, take on an issue and pursue it with passion. i have already stood up against abuse of animals, a story that led the Channel 2 news in October of this year.


the type of person that should attend this school is someone who wants to get the best education possible. He/She should want to do to the bet of their ability, ahd know that what they are doing is going to benefit them greaty in the future.


Someone with alot of money because the school does not provide enough aid to those who are not part of rich families.


A student who works best in small groups and likes constant guidaince from professors and advisors. Also, students who like living in a small school in the middle of a neighborhood.


Friendly, loves community


A rich person that wants a flashy name on their degree but isn't necessarily smart.


Someone who is looking for a very small campus where you are not just a number to teachers.


Someone who values community service and who is looking for a mid sized school. It is a comfortable environment and is great for anyone looking to study abroad.