Canisius College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who dislikes conformed religion or very strict rules and a cut-throat academic environment.


A person who is not serious, or hard working. Someone who would rather focus on their social life, instead of school work.


A person who doesn't have excellent study habits and time management skills should not attend Canisius because it's a very demanding college and you will get alot of homework. That being said, the work will pay off because you will sharpen your critical thinking skills, writing and research skills and all the other transferable skills that make you marketable no matter what your college major. If you hate writing papers, you will not like Canisius - I had to write a paper for a math class! But my writing dramatically improved in four years.


The person that should attend is anyone is use to the city.


The type of person who shouldn't attend Canisius are those who want to be lost in a big school and aren't looking for personal attention. Also anyone who doesn't like a city campus that is spread across a few city blocks with near-by hospitals.


one who can afford it, or business or education major


All should attend, there isn't a group that should feel left out.


People from out of state- everyone here is from Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse and it is very difficult being from another state/city