Canisius College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Better abilities for out of state students to visit the campus


I wish I had realized how truly expensive this school is. Besides the tuitition, every extra little thing costs money. After enrolling in a class there is an out of pocket $100 lab fee, and extra expenses for any required trips.


I wish I would of knew how the diversity of the school before I came.


I wish i had known that it is never to early or late to start preparing for classes. If you stay ahead you are bound to succed, and never be afraid to ask your professer for help. Even if you no longer have a professer as a teacher, as long as you built a good personal relationship with them , they will continue to help you with everything they can.


I wish I had paid more attention to Canisius' Foreign Language Progams. Unfortunately, though they spend a lot of money on the Business and Education programs, the Modern Language programs are severly limited, even crippled by a lack of faculty and resources.


is it the best school in buffalo?


I wish I had known more about what the work load would be like.


All information was answered at the orientation service upon acceptance to the college that took place the summer before the first fall semester


That a small school is better because of the one on one relationship you share with the professors.


I wished I'd have known what I was for sure going to major in so I wouldn't waste my time, but I think that by taking more classes in more areas I have had a well-rounded education.