Capella University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Capella University privides quality education, skillfully blending up-to-the-minute technology and outstanding experts in a wide range of professions.


I am a doctoral student at Capella University, studying Epidemiology-Public Health. I have a profound interest in health care, having 24 years experience in healthcare, my quest for more knowledge has only intensified as I learn more as a student. I always felt that my life has purpose, and it is this desire and drive why I would like to complete my degree to help make a difference in this world. I hope to do more research on health disparity and find a unified theory to help eradicate health disparity. I will be more enpowered to help a community.


The professors work well with students in order to help acheive the best grade.


Capella is an welcoming and sincere school which promotes learning and achievement all while challenging the individual to achieve their personal bests.


Capella University is a mind blowing experience, they reach out to you in helping you to accomplish your goals or whatever you endure.


Dedicated and willing to see that you have all the resources to succeed.


Capella is friendly and work with you along the way, you never need to feel alone.


Capella is an online university that excels at technology-driven education with cutting-edge software to enhance the online learning experience.


Capella University is identified by a particular agency, as well as, provided a certain appeal and the correct Bachelor's degree that I am seeking. It has proved to be very beneficial.


Since the school I go to is online the only way I can describe my school is invloved since everyone needs to be involved with the discussions.


Outstanding, they are extremely helpful every step of the way.


Capella University is a melting pot of minds and spirits from near and far with one goal in mind and that is to improve their lives through higher education.


My school, is friendly, helpful, and a mature and relaxed enviroment for adults who are going back to school.


Capella University has afforded me the opportunity to learn that I can balance work-life-school and though it is a struggle it can be done while allowing me the opportunity to achieve my life long dream of a degree. I


Capella University is an online university that is targeted toward working adults that are either going back to school or going to college for the first time.