Capella University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that want to better themselves


The person that should attend Capella University is one who is consciencious, focus, and can adapt to University standards. Capella University is a highly accredited school, that promotes diversity, respect, and offers a wealth of programs, support, development, advisers who help students get assimilated to University life. The attention and realm of assistance is worth being a student at Capella University. Capella is the place to be.


Someone who is self motivated


An adult looking to continue their education, who may be interested in online courses.


The kind of person that should attend Capella University are those who are driven to achieve their academic goals and pursue their dream career while having to manage a hectic lifestyle.


Someone is discipline and dedicated to be able to be at home and study, communicate and participate with other people all around the world.


Capella University is focused on adult learners who are career-minded. Students with families and/or who are working should consider Capella because of the flexibility and workload designed for those who have established family lives and work commitments. Prospective students should be aware that although the university makes every attempt to create a balanced study/life atmosphere, the academics are serious and mature scholarship is required to succeed.


I chose Capella because of the flexible scheduling and accreditation. It used to be completely self-paced, but now has more "normal" schedule of school terms. Once I complete the number of credits to satisfy their transfers, I'll have enough to petition for my BS, and plan to continue straight through for a MS. That's the kind of person I think should attend Capella. It helps if there's financial resources, too, as it's a touch spendy.


any one looking for a better future


People who are disciplined and focused on their career goals. Also, people who need a nontraditional education to achieve their goals.


The kind of person that should attend Capella University should be mature and motivated. They must be able to practice time management and prioritize, as this campus is virtual and is geared towards working adults. Students who feel the classroom isn't the right fit, or don't have enough time in the day due to work and family should consider Capella.


Someone that devote the time needed and not get easily destracted.


Someone with a professional background with some real world experience.


I have not been at Capella long enough to answer this question, but it is perfect for online learners.


Capella is not for the average person. I think Capella is for people you are already working but need that extra edge by going back to school. They can accomplish this by going to Capella University because the whole degree program is done online.


Anyone, especially those that like online learning. You can attend this school from any location.


The individuals that attend this university should be looking to further their education with the latest academics and technology offered. Capella is a top knotch university with outstanding online courses; interaction with the instructors is a accomplished and the learners interact with each other on a daily bases. Capella's online classes are outfitted very well for the individuals who already have a career and want succeed further in their careers.


This school is perfect for the working adult that is trying to juggle multiple responsibilities. This school offers credit for prior work experience or prior college experience. The flexibility of the online environment allows for the individual to fit their schoolwork into their schedule.