Capella University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you're someone who lacks the discipline and commitment to learning (via online or college campus), you may not want to attend school at this time. If there are too many distractions in your life such as small children and no childcare plan; spouse and no support; providing around the clock care for a family member or long hours on the job with no time for relaxation and study, then this may not be the right time to attend school.


Someone who is not displined.


Honestly, I would recommend this school to anyone. They are extrememly helpful in assisting you to enroll as well as creating an academic plan. If you have any issues with the courses or courseload you are taking, they will help figure out the best plan for you and your life.


The kind of student who shouldn't attend Capella is one who is not driven and determined to do their best.


Capella is a online school with a lot of papers and if the person does not like doing papers then they should not go to Capella


someone not organized, structured, or interested in learning alot and reading alot.


If you prize a fun night life and a hyper-social environment, UTA is not for you. UTA is populated primarily by people who are very busy and motivated, who want to learn and to use their degree to improve their professional images. Frat Boys beware!


If you are a person who are hands on and need that personal face to face contact, you proabably would not be happy at Capella University. The university is strictly online.


A person who has difficutly communicating in the written word should not attend this school. Although all the classes are online, casual social-networking writing styles are not accepted as scholarly forms of communication in discusscions and papers are required to substantiate subject knowledge.


The ones that are not self-disciplined should avoid this school.


If a person is not a self starter nor able to work solo on educational assignments this is not a school for them, in fact no distant education program would fit their current capabilities.


A person who is not committed to learning online and do not the will power or dedication to pursue their degree online. I would not recommend any online university to any individual who is not serious about furthering their education because online education is more difficult than classroom courses.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is a newly high school graduate looking for the whole college experience that includes meeting new people while living in the dorm rooms, going to the classes, and being involved outside of class such as study groups.


Someone who doesn't have hte discapline to study and work toward thier degree by themselves should not attend this university.


The only individuals that need not attend Capella is the person that is satisfied with their current situatiion and does not want to advance in their career. Capella is also not for the individual that isn't willing to put fourth the effort to succeed and apply themslves; the online classes require a great deal of effort and interaction to complete.