Capella University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would remind myself to stay focused and finsih school (Undergraduate) in my 20's. It has been a difficult road finishing my Bachelor's degree in my 30's and now almost finished with my masters in my early 40's. You are only young once, so have fun but remember what is important- work hard now to reap the benefts later.


Never ever give up on yourself. Keep that dream and not matter how many times you can't see your dream, it is always there.. never ever give up hope that eventually one day .. you will have what is yours. The work is hard and long and many tears will be spilled, but eventually your goals will be met and that is an amazing feeling!! Be strong!


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to not waste the time available. I would recommend to start aplying to colleges and use my time wisely. Currently I am a single mom of a toddler and it is rough returning to college while trying to take care of my family. I would advise myself to go to college right after highschool, and not wait until my late twenties. I would also advise myself to remember those who I am close to. Sometimes as teenagers, we push those people away, but as an adult we realize time is short. I would make sure to remind myself to always stay positive, because even if life gets hard, you will always make it through. It is best to stay strong, no matter what you're going through, because one day you will have amazing little kids looking up to you to show them how they can be successful too. Most of all, I would stress to myself to stay in school and never give up.


Staring at the reality of high school ending and the real world of responsibility and defining who you will become can be overwhelming. Parents expect you to flip a switch and be a mature adult and teachers expect you to know exactly where and what career you plan to spend the rest of your working adult life. All you hear is how important it is for you to go to college and get a good job. First you have spent all your life confined to parents and teachers rules, now you facing college. Look at college as a way to grow your strengths and passions. Most students run to the freedom of college and struggle since parents and teachers are not micromanaging their time and work. They are taking classes they are expected to take. Start college with a balance. Find a part-time job you love. Realize that college does not need to be completed in four years, but needs to be completed passionately. Use your first year of college to take basics, but use the first year of college to explore opportunities for careers that you see yourself loving. Passion creates the desire to be a scholar.


First: Since you know what you are going for psychology, research the psychology departments of at least your top 10 colleges and universities. Don’t be intimidated by whether they are public or private. Look at the psychology department for reputation, specialization and training opportunities. Look at the professors and the students and what they specialize in and what kind of careers they develop post-graduation. Second: Start applying for scholarships and grants in addition to any loans you may need. All of them. Any federal or other loans you may be awarded, take the minimum necessary. It will be far less stressful to work on the weekends than it will to see the hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt rack up. Also, start paying the interest while you are in school. Third: Be ready to fight for what you believe in. When you see online school and see that they some are accredited and reputable, follow your gut. Advocate for yourself and for your fellow online learners with real world naysayers. Show, don’t tell, what the benefits of individualized online blended models of education has to offer. Don’t let anyone stop you reaching your dreams.


If I could go back in time to talk to my high school self I would say get into college as soon as possible. If you wait years upon years, until you have a family of your own it will be doable but it won't be easy. Also, don't take college lightly, your have to be determined and driven to succeed. You also need to get the upper hand on your time management skills. Thesse skills are a must whether your going to a traditional university or one that is online. Another thing is to take your courses seriously. You also need to make sure that your major is something that you actually want. The one thing you don't want to do is start something that you get quarter of the way through on and decide that you really don't want a degree in that field. Also your degree choice shouldn't be just about the potential income you could make it should be one that will truly make you happy. You shouldn't want just a career, you should want a calling.


Not to wate to go back to school and get your BA not just your AS or ASS.


As I go back in time as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself would be prepared, stay focus, achieve good grades that will enable me to get into a top college. Do not take parents, educators, families or friends for granted. Be appreciative, help someone along the journey, do not be a follower, but be a leader. Maintain your dignity, respect, have character, it is who you are and who you become. Education is the key to freedom, knowledge, enpowerment, independence, it is the tool that allows balance in ones life, integrity, honesty, humility, and the opportunity to share what we learn. Having all these skills will prepare me for formal education. I will have the opportunity to accilmate into a diverse group of students that are multi-cultural, of different views, religion, ethnic background and personallity. My transition would be smoother, and I would be ready for the challenges of college life. Then I can attain the highest goals, the sky is the limit.


Choose your college wsiely. Make sure it is accredited and check all your options first. Access your cost before applying to a college. Compare several colleges at one time and chose the one that will meet your financial needs the most and or has the best scholarships that would pertain to your degree.


Get started in College early, save money, pay attention, and do not waste time and wait until you are 55 like me, but remember though if you did do those things, no regrets, move forward and it is just a number...Better late than never! Good Luck Self.


To take school more seriously, that school is very important. As class sizes are the same as my high school, I would tell myself to enteract more in group assignments and to speak up about my ideas. To ask questions when I'm lost and need help. To reach out to professors and other students. I would tell myself that college is more important then I thought and to excede the way I want to I have to really give it my all and not allow anything to distract me. I can excede at the goals I set for myself and Im smarter then I ever thought I was in high school. I learned that If I really apply myself I can achieve so many goals.


Be broad in your approach and get involved deeply as possible. Meet a lot of people.


Never worry about having fun and fitting in with people that do not accept you for you. Study and find your passion which will lead to a more fulfilling life. Although it may seem hard right now don't give it.


What advice would I give my high school senior self about college life and making the transition? Well, my high school self was pretty disillusioned where public school teachers were concerned. The single, most important thing I could tell him, then, would be that the instructors actually do care about what they're doing and are interested in you "getting it". He would get encouragement where he was accustomed to indifference, at best. Then, he would laugh and tell me pretty colorfully that I am full of it. After that -- and, this is assuming he doesn't think I'm some complete nut -- we'd probably get into a heavy discussion about my actions in the past. If he listens to my advice and decides to go back to school sooner, does my future self cease to exist? Or have I now created an alternate reality? Do I go back to an unchanged future-present, while past me may now have a brighter future? I'm currently working towards a degree in graphic design. Perhaps I should have considered philosophy... ?


Don't be afraid to take that step to go to college, even if you feel you're not smart enough for college. It's never too late to attend, but you don't want to wait until you're in your older years. Do it now-apply for college! If you don't know where to start, talk to your counselors, talk to your teachers, ask questions, find someone to help you. Do it now-apply for college! Don't wait until the last minute to get it done, you don't want to get frustrated and lead yourself to giving up, and then never get through with it. Do it now-apply for college! A lot of good paying employment opportunites require college education certificates and/or degrees. Do it now-apply for college! Show your future kids that going to college helped you to get to where you are and where they could be. DO IT NOW-APPLY FOR COLLEGE! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!! BUT YOU HAVE TO - DO IT NOW!!!


If I had known then what I know about college now I would make sure I apply for scholarships very diligently. I would also make sure I got over my procrastination habit and stopped slacking off. I never knew how much college costed and I didn't realize money didn't grow on trees apparently. Here I am, running around applying for scholarships and stressing financially because I was "too busy" in high school. I would insist on being more prepared and organized and I would be a better planner so that I was all set for college. I've learned now college is harder than I thought and by slacking off my senior year, I did nothing to help myself prepare. I would skip that trip to the mall every once in awhile to spend some time at home taking care of what's important to my future. Believe it or not I'm finding, those shoes I needed so much aren't here today, and I am still one step behind in college.


The advice I would give myself is to stay focused, pay attention, and listen to your parents and educators advice because they often times know a lot more than we would give them credit for. Set your goals and no matter what, never let anyone detour your route to success. Your education is a blueprint to your future success, don' take it for granted. It's also always good to push yourself the extra mile to be an over achiever because in the long run it pays off to achieve than to lose. As long as you work hard, stay focused, and follow through you will succeed. Never, ever give up because in the end it will be all worth it.


In my senior year of high school I talked myself out of college because I was moving to a new state and wanted to find myself. Knowing what I know now I would have forced myself to obtain my Associates degree at the minimum in order to better decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Some specific advice I would have bestow on myself would be to not underestimate self-worth and that finding ones' self is more than assuming the perceptions of others. I would have encouraged myself to make more friends, engage in less practicle matters and not take myself so seriously!


Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't something. Your family, friends and parents don't decide how your life is going to turn out, you do. You decide what kind of student you are, what kind of person you're going to be, and eventually what kind of nurse you will be. Don't ever let them break your determination or your spirit. You've come this far in school, and you're going to make it all the way through college too. Become the successful person that you want to be because it's what you want, not because you have something to prove. You're going to make it all the way to college graduation and it's going to be so worth it! Keep your head up and keep fighting for that degree.


Do the best you can,whenever you can. Always stay focused and have a positive attitude and a smile on your face. Stay true to yourself, your goals, and trust God no matter what. Stay faithful and resilient. Stay committed and avoid bad influences and all negativity. God speed.


Start earlier if possible, and make sure to work hard to achive what I have now.


Carly, I know you wont think it's me because you're too calculated for that. You also wont believe you're calculated either. You feel you're complicated and so is life. You feel that things are too vast and don't make much sense. How can they ever follow how they need to for you? How can they ever make the right kind of sense? How can you ever feel *right* about doing anything when it all feels the same or worse amount of wrong? Your problem isn't as scary or unsolvable as you think. You once had an uncle who studied quantum physics and in his banters with you there was a a sense of wonder. You knew who and what you were and still today you can. The stars might scare you but in their infinite nature is an absolute itself - nothing is certain. Your uncle found peace in that. Maybe for other reasons, but to me it seems he and others do it as a trust for science. This is something you share, and I know it, because I have found it. Chose science my dear, and peace and knowledge will follow.


I would give myself the advice of letting go and branching out to all the possibilities. College is the experience where you can dress a certain fashion, act distinctively, and talk an idealistic type of way and no one will judge you because we as collegiate students feel it is an expression of freedom. I would tell myself to not let stereotypical ideas hold me back on what was to come in college. As far as academia, I would tell my graduating senior self that grades are truly everything. I would let myself know that no matter how many parties, probates and events that happen those who study and miss out on a few things now gain more in the end later on. I would mention to myself as well that college is a gay time with the grades that would make your parents proud. Don't lose yourself trying to be a part of the crowd, but lose yourself in the evolution of transformation to the better you. You will learn and you will succeed but remember that friends are still important to your successfulness in college. Friends to help you study learn and have fun memories together with.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior I would tell myself to recollect a time when I was a junior and my geometry teacher informed the class on a monday morning that we were having a quiz on friday. Much to our surprise we had the quiz on Thursday. At the time I had a part time job at one of the neighborhood McDonald's after school. So, I never took much time to study for the quiz. Though I was expecting the quiz to be on friday as our teacher had told us. I did however, read swiftly through the two chapters though not in it"s entirerty with an understanding of what I had read because our teacher had given lectures on the chapters, though not completely. Thursday came and our teacher had given the quiz. I only received a passing grade of C, which was due to the brief time I contributed to studying in the first place. By the time I became a senoir it was apparent to me that I should contribute much more time to my studies. I would tell myself now that I'm in college. Study! Study!


Everything will work out. You will have fame, you will be “in” with that band you love, but not before you go through a little test of your strength. At 24, you will be diagnosed with MS. You are going to think that it’s the end of the world, but it’s not. You will through it, but it will effect how you do things like college. You are going to get diagnosed after you start college, and won’t be able to finish at a traditional school. Capella University will change your life, and allow you to not only get your bachelor’s degree, but also your doctorate in business management. You are going to own your own shop! Just remember not to overload yourself with classes. You know your tendency to try and do a million things at once. Try your best, and don’t be afraid to admit when you need help. Your advisors have experience dealing with disability. Also, don’t put things off until the last minute. If you get it done early, you will have plenty of time to make it perfect! Just remember, everything will be OK.


I will tell myself,look this is your ''life''.this is what you chose, you chose to be educated person and it will cost you money,it will needs your hard effort,and it's a long way to the end you got to be tough,I advice myself to concentrate more on my studies to get excellent grade, so i can get some good scholership,I will tell myself to go and find a job after i finish my high school so i can gather some money for my college,i tell myself to look for a great college


Dear High School Kim, Listen to your Aunt Jeanne Jo, and go to school. You will regret it if you don't. It's not as hard as it seems. I promise you will feel confident about your program once you have enrolled in it. Follow your heart, move to Florida, meet the love of your life, and complete your schooling. The economy will be going down hill, and you will need this degree, so get going girl! Your friend, ME


Don't let anyone discourage you from following your dreams. You are young, vibrant and have a full life ahead of you . Please do not be pressured in the persute of a relationship because they will come and go . An education is something no one can take from you . Follow your heart , aspire to become greatness , beleive in yourself . There are those who will help you in your educational needs. Do not be afraid or overwhelmed ask for help. They will guide you on your path to a higher education. I told myself many of times that college isn't for everyone and you're right it isn't but if you see yourself managing a company or a supervisor you'll be more marketable if you have a degree. Don't look at the time it'll take, the years will go by , trust me I know.


If I could go back in time and communicate with my high school senior self, I wouldn't. I've learned that life is unexpcted, and one should not reveal/tamper with ones own future as it could destroy key elements/characteristics of what defines the essence of life/character. Life will take you anywhere you want, you just have to have a desire. These desires may lead us down a dark path, but without this darkness, how could we define light? We as human beings have made mistakes in our past but these mistakes are crucial to defining our character and our resolve. I stand by my decisions as a responsible human being and keep my eyes focused on the stars just as my forefathers did before me. I'm far from perfect, and have realized that knowlege without application amounts to nothing for ones self, aswell as society as a whole. Thank you for taking the time to read this entry. M. Fischer


What advice I would give myself is to achieve this dream will be to time that I will invest in me. Have self –confidence is the deepest part in me. I have faith in mine strengths. Knowing I will be able to take risks, able to meet new challenges, able to stake claims and most important of all is to be able to deliver. I blessed with the confidence not only in my abilities but my judgment. I can guide and suggest. To me it’s like a solid strong part of me. It like the keel of a ship it withstands many different pressures and keeps me on my course. I love to learn, no matter the subjects that interest me. I will be drawn to the process of learning. I am energized by the steady and deliberate journey from ignorance to competence. The thrill of the first few facts, the early efforts to recite or practice what I have learned, the growing confidence of a skill mastered this is the process that entices me the most.


The biggest advice I would give myself is pick a major and stick with it! I have changed majors so many times - I have over 300 credits and no degree! Because of this I have run out of financial aid about 3 terms before final graduation. If I could change anything is get any bachelor's you can - and then - play around in graduate school and do whatever you want.


Dear Susan, I am writing to you from the year 2012. No, the world has not ended. In fact, life is pretty good for us now. We love our career, we’re ecstatically married, we’ve seen the world, and we have an adorable 4-year-old ball-of-fluff Schnoodle. Now, before you go getting all excited, it was one heck of a rough ride. First, we had to survive freshman year of college. By the end of the first semester, we had gone from majoring in Fashion Design to Sociology and from going to school full time to taking time off from school all together to pursue some rather regrettable endeavors. We still managed to make mostly A’s though thanks to 24-hour junk food. (Don’t worry. You lose the weight…eventually). All that said, my advice: Stop wasting your time obsessing about how much better your life will be in the future. Start making it better now. Somehow, we simply forgot to slow down and live. Major in something you love doing and stick with it! Then maybe we’ll have a good life with good undergraduate memories to boot. Sincerely, Your Future Self


The advise I would give is the take a look at all types of colleges. Seek out and visit the campuses before selecting a college. Find out the cost of tuitions, books and housing. Make sure that you financial aide is in order and that you have done exceptional well on the SAT's and ACT's. Moreover, I would suggest that the a student remember the college life will be another world. Most students come to college and become overwhelmed because it definitely not like high school. A lot o them return home in failure. However, I would advise that the student seek tutoring and learn how to study in order to make the grade.


If I could go back to high school, I would tell myself to not do electronics like I did then, switch to businessd like I am now, and then do not quit. When I was younger, I followed a path set out for me and when it became hard, I quit. This has been a burden I have carried for 20 years now. I am very happy to be able to return to school, but finances now are very stressed with having a family and a mortgage, something I had not yet during my first attempt in the "80's.


The advised that I would give myself in knowing what I know now, would be take all the opportunities that you can in life because nothing is free. Set a goal, and work as hard as you can to achieve your goal. Learn all you can why your senior so the transition you make from graduating from high school and college is very easy. what should have a taste of the real college life, there is no going back. Learn to take one step at a time outline your goals until you accomplish what you want accomplish.


I would have like to have known my options regarding the selected career I have been studying about and pursued it by going straight to college once I had graduated from high school.


My advice would be said to myself like this: Maryann you are growing up in a time where girls were not pushed to go to College. However, let me help you to understand that with a College education, your choices will be endless of what career choices you can make for yourself and your future family. It is a proven fact Maryann that people who have a College education will get a better job, they will move up the ladder within a company faster, and the pay scale for a College graduate is so much more then with just a High School Education. Don't listen to what society is trying to drum into your head about girls not having to go to College. Prove them wrong, do this for yourself and for your future. Then you can look back, with pride to know that YOU have proved them wrong, and that NOW because of your excellent choice, you shall have a better quality of life and happiness for making the right decision. This is your life, this is your choice, do not let anyone take away your dream of bettering the quality of your own life!


If I could go back I would tell my self to not take SIMMS as a math to take regular algebra. I would also tell myself to get more involved in extracriccular activities.


dont dropout. stay in school because it hard to get an ged. Plus! you ill miss out on the memories and the feelimg seeing your class mate, our parents, teachers etc.. its better to have an high school diploma on your resume.


The advise I would give myself or any high school senior is to really focus on submitting as many scholarship applications as possible. There are so many organizations that offer free money to college students regardless of income, race religion, grades, etc. That it is to their advantage to submit application to all of the ones that tehy can. They will not lose anythign but their is much to gain. Also to study and take advantage of taking their SAT more than once if they are not satisfied with their first score. I took it only once and settled for my score because I took it so lat ein the proccess that I had no choice. However, if I could go back I would take it with time to retake if I had to.


One of the biggest challenges for me not going to college after high school would have to be not having enough knowledge of the steps involved in actually going to college, as well as not knowing what I should choose as my major. I was just instructed to apply. I had many unanswered questions such as..Where would I go? and How do I pay? Today, I wish I could have told myself to not worry so much. There are colleges close to home that I could start with and apply to, and if I wanted in the future, I can transfer to a different college that fits me. Financial aid is a must to apply for and if I am not able to receive it, there are student loans that are out there for people to go to college, as well as scholarships. One last thing would have to be that it does not matter what your major is, just start with the basics of an AA degree and once you start, things will fall into place and who knows, maybe thats when you will know what you want to be when you grow up. Good Luck!


If I had the opportunity to talk to myself as a senior preparing to make the transition into college life, the most useful advice I could give would be to focus on my strengths & interests to choose a course of study or career path. I would recommend that I be open to growth & new experiences that may cause me to re-examine my choices or take an unexpected pathway in the journey. My adademic & professional choices were onced centered around what would bring the most financial success. I now understand that success is most clearly defined by being personally satisfied with the path taken - not whether or not there's a pot of gold at the end of the road. The social, academic & economic pressures of transitioning into college life can be great; when you see college life as a road in the journey & not the means to an end, you will be more likely to enjoy the ride. Use the time to define your goals based on the discovery of what you do best, enjoy the most, & where you can make the greatest contribution. This discovery just might point you toward unchartered territory & change your definition of success.


When I was a high school senior, I had a very promising career plan ahead of me. I had good grades and I was accepted to a very fine college, Union University. But while attending Union, I was seduced by the many extracurricular activities the school had to offer. I dropped out of school because of academic delinquency. Later in life I joined the military and discovered what my problem was when I attended Union. I forgot to remember my purpose for going to school. In the military, I learned to be watchful of the distractions that can divert me from my goals. It takes discipline to study and then apply that knowledge with the aim of being successful. The war in Iraq was an excellent teacher of discipline during the heaviest of distractions. Facing an enemy determined to kill you was a palpable barrier to acheiving my goals. Such as the the many distractions that face many young students going to college for the first time. The advice I would give my myself as a young and bright eyed 18 year old is to remember why I am going to school. "Remembering your goals is the key to success".


Hey, kid. Snap out of it! You've got a lot going for you, but you haven't worked out all of the answers yet. There are a few more hurdles to leap before you finish this scholastic race. Sure, you can make it work by doing it your way, but if you conform just a little bit longer, it gets much easier. After a short time of fundamentals, you'll be able to escape any form of pre-planned education and can start individualizing your experience. Then you'll start to get it, and you'll start to excel. College is an awesome experience, and you're going to miss out if you don't do it from the inside. Get in there, buy into the hoopla, and give it a (they call it this for a reason) "college try." You'll feel much better about it in thirty years. You'll be OK otherwise, but this is easier, trust me. Oh, and in the next year, this little company called Microsoft is going to go a couple of shares and hold on to them for a while...


Advise I would give myself my senior year would be to figure out what I want to do sooner than later. Not to take any college classes until I have figured out what I want to do and college is not the same as high school and college should be taken very seriously. College is the start of being an adult and making decisions on your own as your parents are not there to push you through the finish line. College is what you will make out of your life and it’s one of the most important challenges you have to face in your life. It takes a lot of work and dedication to get through it. There is a lot of time and money that goes into an educaion that will shape my life. Mindy Pool


I would suggest to myself to stay calm and think through the process of what is happening. I was successful in high school, but college was overwhelming and caused a great deal of anxiety for me. As an adult now, I am much more in control of my thoughts my emotions and energy. I would like to have a chance to go back and finish college the first time around. At the age of 37 I feel as though I am just beginning and have lost significant ground to working meaningless jobs for little pay. Things would be very different for me now if I could have started a career earlier in life. I am not dissapointed with where I am now, but would like to be more financially secure and more situated in a long-term career. So, Would tell myself to think about the big picture and focus on the end result. After that, I would give myself a pep talk and give advice to remain calm.


To be prepared to take a challenge with going to college. Be ready and never give up even when things get hard. Make a plan on the classes you will need to take in order to get your degree. Dont do it alone get help from some that knows what their doing. Most important thing is to never think that its going to be easy.


I graduated high school in 1984 and attended Kingsborough Community College and received an AAS in broadcasting. I decided to go back to school in 2008 to further my career in healthcare. As you can see I did not go far in broadcasting, but when I moved to Florida I found my niche. The only thing I would say to myself is online courses are so much better, but I think I would look at myself strangely because when I went to college there was no internet. The road I took was perfect for me at that time. The things I learned and problems I had were all part of life. I believe that God set paths for me to choose and I chose the path that was best for me. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I would not change the path I took, the problems I overcame or the things I learned. Everything that I went through and that happened to me is part of who I am today. My parents prepared me the best they could but you know the saying you learn 10% in a classroom and 90% doing the job.


You don’t think you need to go to college and you have more important things to do, but I have a few secrets to let you in on. Brace yourself, because you’re about to take a blow to chest. I’m telling you about the road you're about to travel. This summer, you’ll do things that you're not proud of. You will know better, but you lack the self-esteem to pull yourself up from the ashes. Before you turn twenty, you’ll have a baby and by the time you're twenty-four, you’ll have three. It’s not as bad as it seems, those little ones are everything to you. This is why you decide to go to college. It is hard, I cannot lie. Attending school with an additional three mouths to feed is not the carefree life that you’ve envisioned, but to give them that life, you are going to do what it takes. Choose your path wisely. Finish your education seamlessly and choose the less bumpy path. But remember that those children will be your life and they wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for those bumps.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the most important advice that I could give myself knowing what I know now is to not be afraid to venture into the unknown. Part of the college experience is trying new things, meeting new people, and living a new life. I would make sure to tell myself to do the things I really want to do and don't stop just because the steps seem hard or because I'm scared to be on my own. I would definitely tell myself to move into a dorm and don't stay local just to be close to a certain boy, there's plenty more where he came from. Allowing insignificant things or people keep you from doing the things you want only haults your progress and potential. Lastly I would tell myself to be strong and work hard because it's easy to fall behind and find yourself moving nowhere. Teachers, faculty, friends and family are there to help you succeed not to see you fail, so turn to them for help when you need it because you aren't alone.