Capella University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That there would be many hills and valleys. Plenty of blood, sweat and tears. I would question myself and thoughts that I thought were set in stone turned out to crumble and I have learned new thoughts that are now build on success, higher self esteem by being praised from instructors.


I was more aware of the stigma associated with online based education and more aware of the misconceptions that many people still hold about this form of education.


I wish I had known how easy it would bbe to fund my education with the assistace of their financial aid department.


I wish that I had known how easy it was going to be because I would of started college years ago.


I wish I had known I had the support system of the counselors and actually having a way to go to school . It was a great discovery and I'd like to take advantage of the opportunity.


College is so expensive to attend, I know this is investment in me. I wish I know the cost of borrowing money is very stressful on my budget. I wish I could get scholarships early before I got in to debt over 100,000 that I have to look forward to paying back in the future. I have to work to keep me basic need unfortunely. I will feel this pinch in my life for a long time. The conquest of feeling the debt for 20 years will be hardship.


I wish I had known more about what courses I would need to know about before started my education. I would have liked to speak with my Academic Advisor and put a long term goal about my courses together.


I wish I would have know how commited you have to be when juggling scool, work , and family life. It takes dedication, structure, time management and planning. After some adjustments with my schedule I have been able to cope but it was a real shocker at first. It was so easy to fall behind if I did not plan my workload accordingly.


I was unaware of the difficulties involved with taking online courses. Many students have a false idea that online courses are extremely easy.


Nothing that I can think of. This has been an excellent school to attend thus far. If I could mention one thing~ I have a disablity and I did not know to procedure for utilizing my extra time through disability accommodations..... well this teacher just fails me and I end up having to take the class over. I never got a resonse from this teacher.


I wish that the financial costs of this school where spelled out more clearly.


There is nothing I wish I had known before I came to Capella University. The Admissions Representative answered every question I had and a few I did not think of. Also before my initial online class, I was able to go through a tutorial class whose sole purpose was to orient me in every facet of the program. Any time I needed help or had a question, someone was right there to help me learn.


Nothing. This was my first choice of a school to continue my bachelor's degree at. I'm very pleased that I was accepted.


I reviewed this school before I enrolled so I have to regrets about it.


I am glad I decided to go to Capella, there is nothing I would change.


I wish I would have known the school existed so I wouldn't have wasted so much time at the original school I was enrolled at.


How easy it was to get enrolled, I was extremely nervous about the admissons test and the school was completely helpful and before I knew it I was accepted into my program within days and it took me years to call.


I wish I would have known that the college I was Attending I could earn a doctor's degree, or I would have went somewhere else to study.


I wish I had known about Capella because I was going to a different school and I am having a much better experience with Capella