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If you're looking for a small college that provides an escape from home--whether living on campus or commuting--Capital is the school for you. It does not get much more intimate than capital as far as knowing the staff and student body. In fact, it takes little to no effort to learn who's who and connect with people in any social group on campus. If you know what a small school is like, then you know what capital is like. If you're unfamiliar with small school politics, capital probably isn't your best fit. Knowing your teachers and friends this closely has benefits and drawbacks. School pride is easy to come by and easy to avoid, but as for opportunities to be involved in sports or on campus, Capital provides an unparalleled ease of access. Administration is very straightforward, friendly, and will probably learn your name if you see them very often.

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As an Art Education major I think the school is great. The art progam is wonderful and they provide a lot of the more expensive items needed for classes like canvas ad paint. The education department while tough is great and I can get mu teaching licence right after i graduate instead of having to take additional courses like students at OSU have to do. From an African American Student is it an interesting school. While I have found my group of people to hang around, the school is mostly white students and some of them are very racist as well. Overall, while the school may be very expensive, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

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