Cardinal Stritch University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My overall opinion of Cardinal Stritch is that it has a great foundation which is, Franciscan Values. Cardinal Stritch is also very driven to help all their students succeed in their college career. When coming to the school it's not just a school that you go to to learn and then you go about your business; its a community based school where everyone wants to see you succeed and learn. Of course there are the people who just don't care, but that goes on everywhere, however when you come to the school for the first time they try and get to know you so that they might help you transition to the school smoothly. Overall, Cardinal Stritch is a great school and even though small, you will find a place where you belong.


When I came to the school I was hesitant because it was so small and I wasn't sure if it would be the right fit for me. Eventually I learned that the small population helped me meet almost everyone and it is very convinient to study and to also be involved in multiple things around campus.