Cardinal Stritch University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you want to attend Cardinal Stritch University you need to be a dedicated student who is willing to put forth effort and hard work in all of their classes. Stritch offers small class sizes which helps your professors get to know you on an individual basis. Stritch gives you many opportunities to work in groups as well as individually. If you are planning to attend Stritch be prepared to work hard for your degree, but in the end it will pay off when you see the results from your education at Cardinal Stritch University.


A person should attend this school if they enjoy small class sizes and personal one-on-one attention with professors. They should attend this school if they enjoy a competitive yet caring environment, small campus atmosphere, and professors who push you to succeed. They should also attend this institution if they are in any way spiritual or are interested in attending an institution which promotes the Franciscan values of creating a caring community, reverencing all of creation, making peace, and showing compassion.


Both traditional and no traditonal persons....but the non traditional students need to make sure they have the suport system in place to succed in school.


Those who are working a 8-5 Monday-Friday job or have kids or extra responsibilities