Carlow University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a small, liberal arts college that holds many distinguished values.


Carlow University is a beautiful place of education that instills moral and spirtiual values in heach of their students heart, while acting as a safe and caring haven; attending to the needs of their entire sudent body.


Carlow is a school that is based a lot on it's Mercy background, it gives you a great education with involving service into a lot of aspects.


Carlow University offers a very prestigious nursing program, as well as a successful education program.


It is a small campus, it offers a lot academically, but there is not much of a social life.


Carlow University is a great women centered school with small classes to give personal attention too students so they can obtain their goals in the class room, it is blocked in as a community of its own, but when you step off campus, there is another world of excitement.


Carlow University is a small school whose students are helpful, respectful, driven, and successful.


Carlow is a small school in an enriching learning environment located in the center of a booming, busy city.


A place where learning is the main focus.


Flaming liberal professorswho teach you to think like them.


A women's focused liberal arts school.