Carlow University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Carlow University is best known for the nursing program. Carlow also offers evening classes and weekend classes for working men and women.


Our school is best known for our nursing program which I am enrolled in.


Carlow University has the Autopsy Program that is run by Joe Mancuso and Dr. Cyril H. Wecht M.D., J.D..


Carlow University is a Catholic university best known for their strong sense of empowerment for women. The university is rather small, which allows for smaller class sizes and support for their students.


The kindness of all the professors when a student is in need. If someone is having trouble there are all kinds of ways to get help without the need to pay. Everyone on campus is like a family with calling eachother by their first names with no worries of disrespect. Carlow is a school for everyone to enjoy themselves, and find lots of friends.


It's science building and nursing facilities.


Carlow was a private college for years but now a university. They are mainly an all female school. They have the best nursing programs in Pittsburgh with the highest and best graduates that come out of Carlow.


Carlow is best known for its intense nursing and biology programs. Carlow instrctors are tough and do not not budge on academic issues. Carlow is a school that like good numbers and will do anything to keep their numbers looking good. Carlow is expensive. The nursing program is a little easy to get into because Carlow wants the money, but it is very easy to get kicked out of the nursing program., You have to be a serious student to succeed at Carlow. Not a shool to drink or party at, but Carlow will get you ready for the world.