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Carlow is in the heart of Oakland in Pittsburgh, but you would never know that it was there because of the size of it. When your on campus you feel as though your in a little town and when you step onto Fifth Ave. you know your in the big city; its the best of both worlds.


Carlow is a very small, Catholic, primarily women's college. The campus is very quiet and fellow students are very respectful of each other. Carlow is a great learning environment.


It's a small women's college that is easy to get around and the teachers tend to be friendly.


Small class sizes


Every college is unique in its own way. Carlow University is a great liberal arts college. Carlow stresses the importance of women in our society and there is definitely equal opportunity for women on campus, generally because it is mostly women who attend the college. Because of the smaller class sizes, students often are able to communicate with their teachers easily. The mellow atmosphere of the campus ensures students that they are capable of interacting with fellow students and professors and are encouraged to be opened minded to different views, cultures, and ethnicities.