Carlow University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


One thing that I like bragging to my friends about Carlow is the fact that we don't have a cerfew--we can leave campus at anytime of the day or night without being hassled; some schools require their students to report back to the dorms by a certain time at night.


Every instructor or professor that I have had during my college experience at Carlow has been very helpful and encouraging. I have encountered very difficult situations during this time, including the illness and subsequent death of my mother. They even kept in touch with me when I had to take a semester from school. I do not think I could have survived this period and remained successful in school without their support and encouragement. They have also assisted me with any needs I have related to achieving success as a non traditional student. I applaud Carlow for their support!


That Carlow is a well rounded school and that the teachers are great, we learn more than alot of the other colleges in the area for the same classes that we take. The school is a high quality well rounded school that anyone that gets into Carlow should be proud of. I can not wait until I can say I graduated from Carlow University.


I just love having small classes, because it makes me at home. I came from a small school so it was easier to adjust. The classes being small allows students to get help from the professor. It also enables us to become friends with others allowing us to form study groups to help with anything we may need help on. If I didn't form bonds with the professors and students I don't know how I would be able to grow and develop here for my major.


I tell my friends from home how much fun Carlow is and how you "can't beat a private school education". I love my small school, and I also brag about the "all girls" factor as my school is about 97% female with all girls dorms. I really like this aspect of my school and think that it keeps us all focused, and makes us stronger women. My school has so much to offer on and off campus and I love living in the city! Pittsburgh is a really great place to be!