Carlow University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best things about this school are the location and size. Carlow University is a small religious university in the heart of Pittsburgh.


The best thing about Carlow University is that the faculty extensively focuses on your education and they make sure you understand everything that is being presented to you by them.


Carlow is a small college with a big school facility. The things(resources) that are offered at Carlow you would expect to find at a big school with a large student body. The small class sizes allow for better teacher student ratios, which for some like myself is a better way to learn. I like the support that I receive from my professors and their ability to tel me where to find different resources on campus.


All of the faculty and staff are extremely helpful, no matter what the issue. If someone cannot answer a certain question, they refer you to someone who can. And across the board, everyone is so kind and obliging. Also, the campus and class sizes are relatively small compared to other universities. It is a plus because the teachers can give more individualized attention whenever necessary. All of my teachers know me by name, allowing me to feel very comfortable and important, rather than just a random face in a huge crowd of teenagers and students.


Same classrooms with teachers that know each student.


The best thing about carlow is that we are definately getting a very upper class education.


The best thing about carlow is the friendliness from the professors. They aren't just there to get paid, they are there to help you succeed.