Carnegie Mellon University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Carnegie Mellon is best known for it's drama program and robotics program. Additionally, it's overall world renown for it's computer science , engineering, and arts conservatory programs.


Our school is best known for its contribution to the scientific community. It is a top school that isn't an ivy league school. We draw professors from harvard, yale, oxford, mit, caltech, and others. It is known for computer science, engineering, business, architecture, and a few popular thespians. When people think of CMU they think of people who have their heart in their work, but at the end of the week, still know how to have fun. It is one of the best non-brand name universities a person could hope to attend.


This school is great for running into a diverse, yet well-versed population. You can literally have a conversation about anything with almost anyone and everyone participating will have something useful to contribute to the talk. It is easy to meet people from all over the world from a wide range of cultures who can passionately talk about their heritage and how it has influenced their goals in life.


Known for their exceptional talents in the fields of the arts and sciences, Carnegie Mellon continues to uphold this fame with ingenuity and a bottomless curiousity.




We're probably best known as a technology school, but Carnegie Mellon is a lot more than that. We do have an outstanding computer science program and great science and technology programs, but having that kind of expertise really brings something special to the arts and humanities. Humanities students get a lot more exposure to what the sciences can do for them than they would get anywhere else in the world. CMU is all about mingling disciplines and working a little outside your major.


Best known for the rigorous amounts of work that accompany difficult courses. We also have extensive research opportunitys in alot of fields that make it easy for a student to delve further into their respective majors or even go past that.


Carnegie Mellon is a unique institution in that it is both well know for the technical fields such as engineering and computer science as well as the humanities such as acting and music. This is due to both the hard working student body and the dedicated staff.


My school is best known for its School of Computer Science, It's School of Science, it's School of Engineering, and College of Fine arts. The School of Bussiness is also one of the top ranked.


Computer Science leader and 7 Economic Laureates


CMU is mainly known in three fields: Engineering, Drama/ Arts, Business School. It's also known for being rigorous and academically challenging.


Robotics and Computer Science. We compete directly with MIT & Standford for the best in the nation/world in these feilds


Engineering, the sciences, and computer science


Computer Science, Engineering, Science, Business, Research, Robotics...anything that has to do with technology


Our school is best known for it's computer science classes and engineering program. As well, we're also a very liberal campus.


previously computer science and research but randy pausch and the tepper school are other things that come to mind now.


A story of a prank on high school overnight visitors at CMU.