Carnegie Mellon University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The dorms create a great sense of community for those who are into that kind of thing, and are easily escapable for those who aren't. We have several strictly freshman dorms and a few for upperclassmen. Mudge House is a repurposed mansion. Donner House looks like its covered with bathroom tiles to me, and the inside is kind of a maze, but the students who dorm there love it. The Residence on Fifth has small theatre room and a game room, and the actual bedrooms have kitchens. Hammerschlag House is an all-male dorm with lots of traditions like Schlagmare, a haunted house type of thing during Hilloween (a Halloween celebration by the three or four dorms on "The Hill"), and Sausage Fest, where they grill up sausages and burgers for the campus. All the dorms have community events to allow students to socialize with each other and relax a bit between studies. Most of the dorms are pretty old, so they all have their own kind of personality and traditions. These tend to be pretty fun though, not stodgy, and where people dormed their freshman year tends to create a kind a of bond between them.

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