Carnegie Mellon University Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


When I lived in the dorms freshman year, I would work in the University Center. The UC can get pretty busy though, so it might not be for everyone. It was also easier for me to drown out peoples' voices because I like to listen to music while I work. People like to study in the library. There are tons of open spaces there, and a part of the library is also a cafe so that you can get some coffee or a snack while you cram. There's also the computer clusters. I think we have more computers than we do students, and most if not every building has computer clusters that tend to be quiet and technologically equipped. It seems like most majors have a lounge area somewhere. I can't speak for other majors, but the Creative Writing lounge is a pretty sweet setup. Aged leather couches, a coffee machine with free coffee and tea, some computers, a typewriter, and wood floors make it a great space. Plus all the creative writing professors have their offices there, so its really easy to communicate with them. When I'm going to be on campus for an extended period of time, that's where I go to work and kill time.

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