Carnegie Mellon University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Carnegie Mellon embraces diversity and freedom of choice. You want to major in Physics and Musical Performance? Sure, go ahead. If you can create a reasonable schedule, we're on board. There's also an amazing diverse group of people that attend CMU. You have everything from vocal performance to electrical and computer engineering to dramaturgy. I didn't even know dramaturgy was a major! All these people bring different personalities, different backgrounds, and different perspectives on everything that defines college. It's really something I wasn't expecting, and a positive impact that I'm embracing.


If I was to brag about Carnegie Mellon it would be about the hardworking atmosphere. I would also proudly mention that the school is innovative and often supports interdisciplinary projects. Also while all members of the school are strong techniqually in their fields, there is a definitie emphasis on concept and orginal ideas.


All the famous people who teach there :P


When I tell my friends about my school, I boast not only about how good the school is, but also about the faculty and students. I worried about the transition from high school to college, wondering if the professors were intimidating and also how friendly and accepting the students would be of the new freshman. To my surprise, the professors were not stern or hard to approach. Instead, they were friendly and willing to help me with any questions I had. In addition, the upperclassmen were also helpful, guiding me in the right direction if i ever got lost.


I brag about the fact that Carnegie Mellon is a great school with a great reputation and I am getting an excellent education. So many of the people who have graduated from this school have gone on to do great things and I know I will be one of those people. Also, this school is filled with people from all different backgrounds so I feel as though I am really experiencing the most out of college.


We work the hardest, and have the highest rate of employment after graduation.


This school is one of the most technologically advanced schools there are period. The professors are among the best in their fields and are well networked and knowledgable as well. Most students graduate with very good jobs and the tools to do well in the real world.


my school's academic accomplishments and international recognition


How much we enjoy learning and the practice of asking questions. We hail Einstein plushes and Watson and Crick figurines.


The amazing faculty and wealth of oportunities.


Everyone works really hard in my school.


Famous alumni, the fact that the name got me my first Off-Broadway credit, my class schedule, which sometimes runs straight from 7:30am-11:30pm. Also the quality of the artistic education in a broad sense.


how high the college ranks in various magazine lists




How the administration listens to student objection and trie to fix the problems.


I talk about the academics. The teachers here are very good and the course work is demanding.


I don't brag about my school at all. I'm not proud of going to Carnegie Mellon. When it comes to school, I talk about three things when I go home: how hard classes are and how much work I have, how much I like my fraternity and my friends, and how much I get annoyed by the antisocial, weird people that go to my school.


The career opportunities that the school helps you create.