Carnegie Mellon University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is very easy to get brainwashed into the "I'm going to a great school and am going to get a great job and make great money when I'm done" mentality that exists in the culture here. The prospect of getting a degree for the sake of acquiring money as a means of raising one's status undermines the development of true passion and ingenuity for a trade or a cause.


The worst thing about my school would be the lack of sleep everyone gets, due to their workloads - but that's true at most prestigious colleges, no?


The workload. I studied an average of 17 hours a week for one of my classes and it still wasn't enough.


My school has a very small focus on social life. Though there are several thousand students that attend, it is a small group of perhaps only 200 or so who "party". Also, there is a very small group of attractive women there.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the size. Because it is such a small school, everyone hears things about everyone else. This can lead to huge social problems.


In my program I was particularly dissapointed by the faculty's reluctance to accept student opinions and allow students to explore topics and projects that interested them. My colleagues and I suffered a great deal of resistance when we attempted to take on a project like this.


Personally, I could not be happier with my school. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am very glad I am where I am today.


The worst thing about my school is probabaly how busy people sometimes seem to get. It can get pretty stressful but, at the same time, you always want to do more and don't have enough time for it.


expensive, competitive


The food is often too greasy and because CMU has a large number of students, it may be difficult to find time to meet with your advisor right away.


Students are too focused and dissatisfied with academics/careers that they do not stop and consider what they are gaining in terms of life experience. Things can always be better, but not many stop and acknowledge the good of CMU until they have moved on to another institution.


the worst thing about my campus is half of people. There really are some amazing people on my campus but there are also lots "Mal-Socially adjusted freaks" that really don't know how to socialize and have fun. There are many people that enjoy being odd and eccentric. Then again there are also some characters on this campus that are hilarious and great people to be with. Also the academic rape is never a good times, classes are very hard at CMU and require alot of work


Housing and Dining rips off everyone, even the school (e.g. when you order catering and it's pretty not allowed not to use school catering). Pittsburgh food generally tastes bad and CMU was the worst of the schools I visited (over 15). A lot of the staff are unhappy with their jobs = unfriendly and even they think the prices at the stores are ridiculous and laugh at you for not buying off campus. But the transportation system sucks = annoiying to go places. Financial aid doesn't award much (least of my applications). Doesn't guarantee to meet your need.


The worst thing is definitely the social scene. This is kind of a nerd school, so lots of people aren't that interested in making friends and hanging out. Lots of students keep to themselves.




I just don't fit in with this school. I am very out of the social scene. Also, the campus and entire other-than-academics part is bad -wish we had a better looking school too.


The campus housing and dining programs are generally lacking. The dining oppurtunities on campus are not only rather limited but expensive as well. There is a definite shortage of housing for underclassmen, as well a good amount of dorms that are not very nice.


Sometimes the administration (not the professors, the administration) doesn't like to listen to the students. When we didn't want them to install Walking to the Sky, they ignored the whole student body and went ahead anyway.