Carrington College-Phoenix North Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Phoenix is completely wonderful, online classes give me great flexibility, and it is affordable and accredited!


The University of Phoenix is the one school I have attended where the counselors know me by name, I do not feel like just a number, and being accountable for myself and my actions is of the utmost importance.


Axia College (online campus) is available all day, every day with access to any and all tools needed to achievement my degree.


Great education with only the classes you need to complete your degree program.


The University of Phoenix online is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to better their education skills in any field.


University of Phoenix offers degrees that can be completed in two years.


I am a student at the University of Phoenix, which is an online college which affords me the opportunity to attend college at convenient times for me.


Apollo-Phoenix offers a diversity range and formats the classroom for the best achievable education goals that are provided to each and every student.


The University of Phoenix is a college that prides itself in finding students who are willing to give their all and get the best education they can.


The University of Phoenix Axia College is the perfect fit for the student who wishes to attain a college degree and still continue with your regular daily life.


The convenience of attending a university on my terms, and in my time frame. Counselor's and teachers are very easy to work with, and answer all questions promptly


My school is very supportive.


Relaxed environment and great classmates as well as instructors.


Apollo college is a very productive school with very well taught programs.


The University of Phoenix Online, (also known as Axia College of the University of Phoenix) connects the individual student to the resources and instructors nececessary to achieve success in their chosen fields, utilizing every form of online media available.


My school has very patient and understanding counselors that guide up to the right path in getting started with classes.


Axia University of Phoenix is, the reason that I am going to finish and keep reaching for the stars. University of Phoenix believes in me, and i feel comfortable to achieve my goals with honor. I once felt like giving up on school,but my counselors made me feel like can go on and graduate. I am going to graduate and feel proud about my school.