Carrington College-Phoenix North Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are all driven indivuals with the same passion that I have to further their education and better thier lives. They are from all different walks of life and each one has a unique story to bring. They make learning interesting because they bring new ideas that can teach you something outside of the ordinary.


My classmates are very informative and helpful!


Although all of my classes have been online I can say that my classmates have been helpful and friendly. Offering feedback and sharing experiences is part of their contributions to the class.


Diverse, dedicated, and hard working students, parents with full time jobs.


The classmates that I have taken my courses with have been very insightful, supportive, and knowledgeable. They come from various walks of life which adds to the diversity of classroom discussions. My college of choice allows students to choose their time of study and attendance as it fits into their personal schedules of family and work life. This also in turn creates a classroom of varying professions from lawyers to social workers to record producers. The diversity of my classroom has inspired, enlightened, and enriched my education for the better.


My classmates come from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds that provides a diverse and informative classroom enviroment that is fun and educational.


My classmates are smart and intelligent adults who are looking for an education that will set them up in the future as leaders in their specific fields.


My classmates are very studious and enjoy the program as much as I do.


My classmates are kind and considerate. Additionally, any time that I have had questions or needed assistence, my classmates have wnt out of their way to help me.


The classmates are driven, goal-oriented and very friendly. They are always there for conversation and ready to help assist in times of need.