Carrington College-Phoenix North Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Phoenix is known for working with the working class. This school works with each professional student so they can continue their education while continuing to work. They are also known for their small class sizes.


The University of Phoenix is best known for providing a quality education for working adults that are seeking to continue there educational goals.


I believe my school is best known for the flexibilty you get for attending college in an online enviroment.


University of Phoenix offers a variety of degrees that can be completed completely online, which is great for the working adult student continuing their education.


My school is best known for their on-line degree programs.


My school Phoenix University is best known for online classes that allow easy access to a college education for working students.


It has the most graduates at over 400,000. It has the largest know library second only to the Library of Congress. It has an extensive range of staff who are also professional by day and professors by night . The online distance learning structure of this school is in my opinion the best I have ever heard of. The ability to transition from a 2 yer program to a 4 year program makes this school very giving to the people who wish to get a 4 year degree.


This school is best known as the largest online university in the United States or perhaps the world. It is also how many of our troops get their college education afar. This university is idea for working parents or someone that wants to further their education but they are already in a career. This school enables a large amount of people that is unable to go to a traditional school because of life circumstances. Most important this school elimintes excuses for people not to go to school because of time restrictions.


I am sure you have seen the signs and advertisments for University of Phoenix, they all say I am a Phoenix. This school has all different types of degrees and the people that you work with are wonderful.


Being an online campus.


The University of Pheonix is best known for their On-line schooling and their attention to help their students ascertain a degree in furthering our lives. The persuit of life long learning and help our perspective communities out in any way possible. Thereby, creating a better life for everyone.


my school is best known for offering online classes to anyone in the world.