Carrington College-Phoenix North Top Questions

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Phoenix online class program allows enough time to complete school work, be successful at work and take care of your family.


My University is unique because the schedule and unlimted assess allows indivudals with a busy life the opportunity to attend college while managing a household.


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I love attending school, the uniqueness of working online and within the forums in a group setting is fantastic.


I like the fact that they are working with me as an adult who has not been in school since 1982. Working with me dealing with my fears & my expectations.The school I am attending is Brown Mackie College in Phoenix Az. Although it was not on the list of colleges provided. My classes will start on Septmeber 1st 2010. I will be attending 2 days out of the week Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 3pm. Im looking forward to my journey. Iam very excited,motivated,dedicated, and ready to persaver. I have waited too long for this.


I can have access to my classroom 24 hours a day. I like distant learning because it allows me to other things and attend class daily. I had attended a traditional community college before. I did not like it and I would rather do my school work online. I can do it on my own time and I have unlimited resources.


Other schools I considered require travelling to and from campus. Having full degrees on-line allows me to work full time and continue a full course of classes this is unique to Phoenix.


My school is unique because about ninety percent of the students are in similar situtations such as mine ( fulltime parent, student, and worker). The class stucture is also designed for students learning exactly what employers are seeking in a possible employee.


My school is a distance learning environment. My courses are online. This is the only reason that I am able to attend college at this time. My classes can be accessed at my own convenience during the day.


This school uses non traditional click and mortar opportunities, allowing the student to plan their education around things that happen in everyday life. This also helps the IT / Web Design student to take full advantage of the online experience, gathering information about their field of study, and since they are able to take every class online and use the technology which they are studying this also means they never have to go into a classroom, but they have access to instructors who are actively working in the same field.