Carrington College-Phoenix North Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I am attending school online and it is the best decision that I have ever made. When I was attending college in a traditional classroom setting my grades were at a C and D level but as soon as I started taking classes online through university of Phoenix My grades improved a lot going up to A and B level grades. I can study and get assignments completed and in anytime that I have available to do it which is convienient for me since the best time for me to sit down and get my classes done is at night.


The thing I brag about most is how accesible it is to go to school. With online courses, I am not subject to classroom hours. I can work at my own pace and set goals for myself. Yes, I have to be motivated and driven to do it, but the success I feel in the accomplishments I have made so far outweigh any negatives.


When I talk about my school to my friends I tell them how easy it is to do the classes and get the work done. How that school works with me in getting my block of classes set up and ready to go. Letting me know what and where I need to look for scholarships and other fund in helping getting my degree. I would and have suggested my school to others who want to do classes at their pace so they can get a degree to help further their lives.


I tell them that it is very affordable, the people are friendly but most of all I talk about how much I appreciate that area it is located in. The advantage of a affordable university being in a such a small town is a blessing. You do not have to worry about there being too much going on to distract you from your school work and since there is not that much in Nacogdoches you are somewhat push, gently of course, to make new friends and find other ways of spending your free time, like getting involved in different organizations.


I am very happy with the school. I brag to my friends about the academic and finanacial advice that I get from the school. The classes allow for the flexibility that I need because I work a full time job.